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  1. Someone (LT, Harper?? or someone else) said “what about the 90 man infantry?” I don’t understand the question. Asking if I was there? Yup.

    If this is Ty, I will take care of that thing we talked about. It may take a while.
    Just like my last name (Intravia) “90” and “Infantry” doesn’t get used by many other people. I feel sorry for all you “LTs” because you all have the same nickname!

      1. Ok LT Ruesch. Somehow, that message does not appear on my Charlie Grunts discussion. What was the question please.
        Thanks. It ws great talking with you the other night.

  2. Great reunion! Larry and Tom and their wives went way above and beyond. Good to see Bob Morris ( he could STILL kick my a##). Very humbling event to be presented with the plaque from you guys. It is the highlight of my Vietnam experience. I would rather have this magnificent plaque than the MOH! Truly an honor to receive. Semper Primus!

  3. I just looked at the photo tab and it has a few random photos on it, but we will have to move all the photos over to this new program soon. The photos have been moved to a service called SmugMug, which offers all kinds of ways to display and organize the photos, etc. I think we will also be able to do videos.

    I am not sure how to handle letting all of our Charlie Grunt brothers to be able to post. Hackers are all over the place and someone posted some porn stuff to our discussion board about two weeks ago. We do not want our photo section ruined by hackers and other low life’s that only want to destroy things.

  4. We had 43 guys attend the reunion. We had 6 new faces that we really enjoyed seeing. They were Don Bower, Anthony Cikovic, James Grace, Larry Jones, Bob Morris and Charles Zarobinski.

    The web site has been refreshed and you enter your discussion at the bottom of the page now. The photo section should be up again and we will be doing some great things here in the near future.

    Thanks everyone for the great time had by all at the reunion!

    1. Larry,
      I thought you had left Jim Intravia off the list but he said he was in Decataur in 06. As he said in his replay, you still have a perfect record

  5. I am so glad that I went to that reunion. I’ve been bragging about Captain Morris since 1969 and it was fantastic to meet him again. I felt like a kid at Christmas. And Larry Harper is Santa Claus. Fantastic job, Larry.
    It was great to meet everyone, the ones I knew back then, the ones who only almost figured me out when I said “90 guy” and the ones who I never met back then. We’re all brothers.

    Two requests for Larry. I had to leave and was not at the banquet. Let me know how much $$ to send you. And, I understand a plaque was presented to Captain Morris. Is there a picture of the plaque that I can see?

  6. I thought we had a great reunion. What a wonderful banquet meal the Crown Plaza prepared for us. If anyone has the group photo would you email it to me. I would like to forward it to Si Nerone and his son Marcus. He was unable to attend but sent me a great contribution for expenses.

  7. He could have been from GA but did not have a southern accent I would know as i grew up in KY could have been 21. Age did not mean anything then. I was in 2nd platoon 2nd squad. Know he made. It as rotated back to the world after I got there.

    1. Kim we had a guy in my squad 68-69 We called Smithy. He was Ny,Ny. he was a nice guy and built like ox and African American. Would this be him?

  8. good morning to you all, would anyone out there know anything about Harold Smith a comrade who was in Vietnam in 69 of course they called him Smitty he was in the 196th…

  9. Just FYI, Charles Surface (70-71) and his family live in the Houston area and they are fine. They had a couple of inches of water in the house, but it’s gone now. They still have power, running water and some food left, but they can’t get out an go anywhere yet.

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