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4,510 thoughts on “Discussion”

  1. Just got back from the 70-73 group reunion in Gatlinburg, TN. What a great time we had!

    Thanks to Tom Price, Frank Smith, Lee Corman, Russell Wright, Jerry Witt, Lou Laparl, John “Plowboy” Brown, Gene Secrest, Dwight Rose, Larry Ferguson, Ben Beuhler and all the wives for coming and making it one of the best reunions yet. It just gets better every year!


  3. Rudy Yap has been in a care home after a week in the hospital. He has pumps to assist his breathing due to scar tissue on his lungs from Agent Orange. They both failed. He is fighting hard. For those of you who do not know him, he was Charlie Company Commander before Bob Morris. I am certain a kind word to him from those who know him would be most appreciated and go a long way to elevate his spirits.

  4. got a call from doc whitebird, suggesting the next year reunion be in cleveland,ohio–mainly because that`s close to where cpt. morris lives–hoping he makes it that far. sounds good to me.
    any comments ?

  5. I went to a Vietnam veterans commemorative thing today at the Northport (New York) Veteran’s hospital location. A politician or two made speeches but they were sincere and not grandstanding. I use this facility all the time and it is top notch. I hope others are having good luck with thier medical stuff, unlike that crap that was unearthed a year or two ago.
    At this event, they had about 600 chairs set up and I think they had about 1500 of us show up. When they played taps (real military musicians, not a recording) I got choked up and teary eyed. Images or Arky, Jake, two medics, Danny/Tennessee and Lt. Smith went through my head. It felt right though. Just felt like telling you guys about it.

  6. I am going to Oregon, IL next Tuesday with Ben Buehler to help present scholarships to deserving students in Honor of Ed Rimmer the medic who was killed that night. RIP LT, Armando and Ed!

  7. Lt. Stephen Emery, Doc James Rimmer and RTO Armando Luna… KIA 5/4/70… R.I.P. ! To those who went with me to get 3rd Platoon that evening… my deepest respect, gratitude and admiration. Semper Primus!


  9. I got my motel room booked and my flight reservations made today for the reunion in Seattle in September.

  10. I have an update on the condition of Brother Danny Buskirk. He’s now under hospice care in Ohio and has been refusing to eat.

  11. Hi everyone. I was looking forward to the reunion in Seattle, but for reasons of my own, I will not be attending. If anyone is interested in my reasons; contact me directly. Tooch

  12. Been calling Ron Hurst for over a week off his number on the roster but keep getting a recording saying: “All circuits are busy. Try your call again later.” Anyone have a different contact number for Ron? Thanks.

  13. While Wally, Rex and I were on our road trip we stopped by Lee Corman’s house in Nicholasville, KY and had a great visit with him. Lee aka “The Quick One” is hosting the first of two company reunions (the first one is in May, the second is in September). The details on the May reunion is on the reunion tab on this web site. I want to thank Lee for a very generous donation for the web site expenses.

  14. wally–when are you and larry gonna get rex to post some comments ? larry still have enough acres to keep rex busy ?
    where is Ed and marie now –indy or florida ?

  15. Got home Tuesday after spending five days with Larry Harper and Rex Allen on our spring trip. Surprised Ed Davis on his birthday and visited some other brothers. We had a great time.

  16. Can someone give me Captain Morris’s mailing address or email? I have something I would like to send him but I don’t want to pesterhim or anything.

    Also. I’m unaware of what his physical ailments are. Could someone fill me in briefly.
    I’ll always thinkof him as Captain Morris, no matter what else went on in life. Brief history from anyone? How long did he stay in Army? Different rank? etc.

    Thanks. I sound nosey but I still consider him probably the most incredible and fearless person I’ve ever encountered in life.

    Jim Intravia

  17. LT—make sure to have a few more.
    bill–cpt morris gets relief depending on the pain killers he gets.
    That`s about it, far as i know.
    Any word if rudy yapp is still alive ? I used to email with him but nothing in near a month.

    1. Capt Yap was the only CO I really remember. Capt Morris came in not to long before I came home! Anyone remember when Yap & Morris came to the field ?????????????????????//

  18. Some ideas for the reunion I found on line:

    Tour of Boeing Factory from Seattle

    Seattle Space Needle

    Pike Place Market

    Seattle to Victoria Ferry: One

    Mt Rainier Day Trip

    City Tour

    1. Greg,
      Capt Morris was in pain many years ago in the 80’s when I went to a reunion. I am assuming he never found relief!

  19. I updated the Seattle reunion information. It now has the motel reservation links. I will update the notice as information becomes available.

    I will be sending out notices in a few days.

  20. Bill,
    This is the reason I get a little upset when I hear politicians trying to curb union organizing power. Was never in a union & always treated my workers under the Golden Rule. It is not always about “Power”!

  21. Heavy shit but true ……especially about unions…..My father was an Irish immigrant with only an 8th grade education…..He worked in an A&P warehouse as a meat cutter but it was a Teamster Union shop and he was well compensated with 5 weeks paid vacation every year. My mom stayed at home because it was not necessary for her to work . These days almost all of those warehouses are non-union and they pay peanuts to illegal immigrants ……The good old days are gone.

  22. The board has gone silent: Any comments on the following topics?

    Why do we have full time legislators who waste tax funds full time and achieve nothing when we could have part time legislators who would waste money part time and still accomplish nothing.

    Most politicians running for office promise to lower taxes, increase services, be transparent, work with those across the aisle, and represent all constituents. How is that working out for you?

    Legislators hope the issue of public pension funding they help create will go away

    If unions are so bad what caused them to be created in the first place?

    Why do Republicans use the “economy” as a national issue when historically the economy does better under Democrat Administrations?

    If commentators say a person “might have”, “is rumor to”, “is alleged to” or “is suspected of being” in a situation enough times it is assumed to be true.

    If you say “global warming” does not exist ten times, turn counterclockwise three times and click your heals it doesn’t.

    People want to end entitlements such as social security, medicare, medicaid, most veterans administration programs, federal employee and military retirement plans, etc unless it applies to them.

    Why do rioters destroy their own neighborhoods and complain when businesses will not move in and have to go outside of their neighborhoods to shop?

    Why do some Christians assume to know God’s mind and have the only correct interpretation of God’s will? If God does not condemn us, who are we to condemn others. (Romans 8:1)?

    Why is character Pogo created by Walter Kelly strip quote of “We have met the enemy and he is us” in 1970 still true?

    1. Bill,
      Great comments, but I will differ with you on one area. You said that we have full time legislators? Take a look at their schedule. They are at their places in Washington about 1/2 of each year. Funny that when they are away, things seem to run much smoother

  23. Thank you all for your kind comments. I am sure God played a major role in planting the idea & follow through with the idea.

  24. Bill Beckum……That memorial tribute was a great idea….Your family must be proud of you……The article was extremely well written also.

  25. Fortunately for “Pat” Beckum the date for the Seattle reunion is Sep 8-11 as we just got the confirmation info today. We will get all that info to Larry soon and it will be on the reunion list as quickly as possible. Looking forward to this very special time with all who can come!

  26. I got a weird email asking about a charlie grunts subscription.

  27. I also want to thank LT Ruesch for his generous donation for the web site. This one is very much appreciated also!

  28. I want to thank Brother Bill Beckum for his nice donation for the web site expenses. It is very much appreciated!

  29. Well, today Kay and I booked our tickets to Seattle. We arrive Tuesday evening. See you there. There is a story to our trip that I will tell you over a beer.

        1. If you going to take me on drinking beer and you are going to practice up in Seattle, you better get up there today and get to practicing! I keep in shape at least weekly.

          1. Larry,
            I know you are the champ! Me competing with you would be like me getting in the ring with Cassius Clay. If anyone needs to know who Clay is Google him. At the time of our service he was considered a draft dodger. Now he is a hero. Go figure!!! I am ashamed to say we are from the same home town.

  30. Vietnam vets day–and how many have passed on before ?
    Larry–i no longer have the phone number listed. Cell # is 724-698-3603–but don`t tell any of the grunts that i still owe C-rats to. Wife Jan and I are in PA. now for 6 months. Hope doc Whitebird visits. Whew–long drive for a grunt with old legs. Stopped and visited Larry Mendez who has a handfull of physical problems and still working. His wife,Mary says he is hard headed. Presume that comes from being an old grunt. Be well as can be-all.

  31. Hi to all. Ty my wife sent for a few copies of your book and gave them to a few other guys. One was sent to Captain Morris and he would like your phone number so he can give you a call so if you would forward that to us we will see that he gets the number. It was a good quick read and we are giving it to our boys so they can get a feel for what a grunt life was like. Thanks

    1. My thanks to you and your wife, Fred. Here’s my cell phone# 352-444-0071. Will be out-of-pocket starting Friday for a few days.

  32. I had AIT at Fort Dix, let’ss ee. Drafted April 15, 1968. One week of moving around than 8 weeks Basic at Ft. Jackson. So, I guess Ft. Dix was roughly late June through late August.

    At Ft. Dix, some trainer gave us this bit of useful info. “In the United States, there are only 4 types of lethal snakes. All of them are here on Fort Dix.”

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