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4,770 thoughts on “Discussion”

  1. Larry. Once again, i don’t know where Iput your mailing address. Please send it to me at jimintravia@gmail.com

    I promise to put it in my rolodex this time. Interesting old guy thing. Went to staples to buy rolodex cards and they didn’t hve them in stock but more interesting was that they didn’t know what they were!

    1. You are in trouble with your rolodex. What are you going to do when you wear out the bearings? It is probably a Amazon or ebay shopping to find your cards.

  2. Sorry, it was Sam that got me and yes he stay over night and I came back on next flight back , lucky he fought off those hillybilly germs he got from me. I don’t remember snapping my weapon, but always was up front walking with my pointman and Marty in middle try to keep 1st plt as safe as I could. Hope you understand that. I thought this was safe site

  3. I have been sending reunion notices out to everyone. If I have your email address, you should have received a notice of the reunion by email. Tomorrow I will get the last dozen or so notices sent by snail mail. If you did not get a notice, let me know.

    Every year when I send out invitations I get letters and emails that bounce back to me. The mail returned to me as unable to forward was Mike Iehle, Lamar Burrage and John Anderson. The only ones of theses three I had information on was John Anderson who had moved in with his daughter in Tijeras, NM. Does anyone have any information on any of these guys?


    1. Greg:
      Warlock generally like most Grunts but there were those he rather taste. He almost took the face off a Congressmen who was visiting Baldy. He thought he could walk right up to him. Sam who was Carlos dog hated everyone except Carlos. He lost most his teeth because he would bite rocks when he got pissed off and could not get to whoever!

  5. I just got off the phone visiting with Plowboy Jr. (John Brown). He sounded good, but he has a hard road ahead of him. He had a stroke and is unable to move his left arm and leg. He is hopeful of a recovery. He has been in the hospital for over a month.
    I told him that some people did not remember he was Plowboy Jr. He said Roger Huffman was Plowboy and a few of them was talking one night when someone called Roger Plowboy. John spoke up that they shouldn’t be calling him Plowboy. Roger Wilson said he was just another Plowboy so he added the Jr. on his nickname and he became Plowboy Jr.
    I know Plowboy Jr. would love to hear from his buddies. I think it lifted his spirits that I called him. He is in the Charles George VA Medical Center 1100 Tunnel Road CIC Unit Room 248 Asheville, NC 28805. The phone number at the center is 828-298-7911.

    1. Thanks for placing John Browns contact information on this site Larry…I spoke to him this morning and we had a really good conversation, his voice is strong and clear.We spoke a little about our lives,familys and klds and his 4 legged son.As Larry said a phone call to him means alot …The guy has been thru alot and has alot to face in the future, so lf you can spare a few minutes of your time give a fellow brother a call,even lf you didn’t know or serve with him He will appreciate It.

  6. Plowboy, Jr. is much improved and is now in Room 248 at the CIC unit of the Asheville, NC VA hospital.

    The nurses better watch out for smoke bombs as his wife Pat says he’s got his sense of humor back.

  7. One of my missions with Warlock was with the USMC. Spend a night on a “Gator” ship and in the morning landed on a island. Four (4) Marines were shot on the beach. The nearest gook was a mile away. Running off the landing craft guess they had their weapons off safe. Smart! Unless your were up front what the f____!

  8. Another war story about semi & automatic settings. When I was new guy carrying the M-79 I was walking with the company on a mountain trail in single file with my thumb on the safety, finger on the trigger, & a canister round in the chamber. I tripped on something, probably a root in the trail, stumbled with my thumb pushing the safety off & my finger firing the canister. I was lucky I did not kill the guy ahead of me. All the shot when in the ground. From that day forward I kept the safety on & my finger off of it.

    When I finally got an M-16 I always kept the safety on & semi-automatic because I remember firing automatic in AIT & everybody lost control as the barrel started raising up.

    Toward the end of my tour they sent a clerk out who had made someone mad in the rear. We were walking in single file & he was behind me. I happen to look around to see his M-16 all rusted & it rusted on shut on automatic. I took it away from him while we were walking but could not free it so I took the clip out & cleared the chamber. When we set up for the night taught him how to clean his weapon.

    1. I rigged a sling for my M-16 which held it upright, underneath my arm pit. It always had one in the chamber and the selector switch on safe, but I could carry it with my finger on the trigger and thumb on the switch while keeping my left hand free. That was really handy when walking point.

  9. Good job on “The 12 Days” Jim. Also on the glossary, explanations and credits. I can only imagine how a platoon of spirited grunts would sound on that. At full volume it might have been better than claymores for keeping bad guys away.
    Best wishes for Xmas and a good new year for all. Get well Plowboy. When I got to third platoon he was kind of the voice of experience for many. When he got a rear job I felt like we lost a major resource. As always, capable others stepped up and filled the bill.

  10. larry & greg

    thanks for your help larry, I know that marty was plt sgt, jim jackson my rto, but cant remember medic name . the day we were hit was the day after thanksgiving we came back from dinner down by the tracks and got clean dry clothes , but time we got to night larger we where soak . we move to next hill and hit the booty trap. 1st was lead and next day was day smith was killed another bobby trap so it must have been 28 /29 nov. 69

    1. You know I left the field just in time. Got back to the world on 11/23/69. My last major action was Aug, 69. Thought for sure would hit some major deification before I left. Even stayed an extra 17 days to get an early out. You guys ran into some stuff the next several months after I left.

  11. From Pat Brown about Plowboy, Jr.:

    Update: John has had a good day. He had dialysis first thing this morning. They are looking for a bed for him at the VA Hospital. Don’t have one yet. So we are still at Mission Hospital. He got to sit on side of bed two times today I think it made him feel better. Feeding tube was taken out this afternoon. He is still having trouble moving the right side of his body. But considering all he’s been through I’m extactic. God has been so good to us. Prayers would still be appreciated. Thanks to all of you my friends. We love each of you!!!!

  12. Merry Christmas to my fellow Grunts and their families, our fallen brothers then and now, and the best in 2017 for you and your family.

  13. The newspaper published our “12 days of Christmas, 1969” yesterday.

    Here is the link to it.

    I tried to get a picture of you guys instead of just me but the “photo” section of the website wouldn’t cooperate.
    I hope everyone is happy with it. Three of those (1st, 5th and 10th) were for sure. the others I had to make up but I think they were OK.
    Merry Christmas to you guys and families.

  14. A joke that you guys can tell the grandchildren: “Knock, Knock” …. Who’s there?….. Murray…”Murray who?”……………………………Murray Christmas!

  15. I had an email to Ron Hurst bounce back as undeliverable so I called and talked to Ron. He has a new email address that I posted to the roster section of this web site. He and Jan are doing well. He said that Tiny and Fred Passe will be coming down to visit them.

  16. Russ. my memory of that was they sent us in with armor (I guess it was F-troop if you say but I don’t remember) and I think we were decoys to draw fire, which w e obviously did. Bill Young and I were together and when the shit started, we got down behind a berm and then realized that there was AK fire from both sides. I have this image in my mind of a tank or APC backing out of there real fast and almost running us over. I think they were getting RPG fire.

  17. I had an email to Top Silverman bounce back as undeliverable, so I called Top. He had changed his email address and houses he lives in. I updated his contact information on this web site. He and his wife are doing just fine he said. He said they are just slowing down and taking it easy.

  18. Short Round:
    You asked if I have ever heard from Doc. Grunge. Yes, I have talked to him a couple of times. He lives in Scottsdale, AZ and his contact information is in the roster of the web site.

  19. I remember Doc Grunge clearly. I also remember hearing (I didn’t see it) that when Danny Roberts was hit, Doc Grunge crawled out there to try and save him. We were in the middle of a U-shaped ambush as I recall. I saw Tennessee hit but didn’t realize it. I thought he had tripped the way he fell forward. I’m not saying that I would have been heroic as Grunge was. Just saying what I saw. That was a rough stretch from Jan-March of 70.

    1. Ya Jim, U-shaped as in ‘cross fire’ as I recall. I remember F Troop left us behind and I do not remember how the hell we got out of there.

  20. Larry–have you ever heard from Steve McCully ? He was wounded on 16 March of 70. Nickname was doc grunge–and he was grungy. Bunch of grunts wounded that day. Ga–the former VC was KIA that day. I forget the medics name that I helped load on a medevak–he was fairly new–replacing the 2 medics we lost on that booby trap on 2 Feb.70.
    Larry–THANKS MUCH for the website–easy to say–HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all you old grunts–rather than send cards.

    1. Ya SR, remember Doc Grunge well…..all good memories. And remember 16 March well. Never would have remembered his real name. We started calling him the “Grungie Medic” and Doc Grunge stuck.

  21. Lt Shepherd–what day were you wounded ?
    Talked with a AZ. buddy here today. He was an officer that got there after us–late bloomer. He keeps up on Nam books. Recently a 24 year old gal wrote her 2nd book about Nam. How any why and
    what piece of water buff manure would even publish her fairy tales is beyond me. Just another example of media manure. Those not there should be banned from book writing.



  23. Jim and Chuck, I remember there were two shifts for being on guard when there was the usual….. ” fifty percent” alert…..8 PM to midnight and midnight to 4 AM…..If I was assigned to the later watch I could never fall asleep until around 11 PM and be rudely awakened an hour later…..Yep, there were quite a few nights when I only got one hour of sleep. I guess it was pretty much the same for everybody else.

    1. Never was on a 50% alert. Remember passing of the watch and always disliked the last watch because I always believed the sun was late coming up because i had it.

      We also set of trip flares. I never called on sitreps. I was always locked and loaded at ALL times with safety on. Stood guard with my M-79 with a canister round with one close by while I carried it.

  24. Thanks Chuck.
    Somewhere I found that the spelling is laager or lagger or someting. I’ll check. Believe it or not, it is from South Africa.

    All of this research from you guys will probably be in one short sentence or two. That’s the way it is done. Usually about five pages of homework for a paragraph in journalism but it’s more important to get it right.

  25. I think Danny was the medic for 1st plt. that was wounded with myself , marty pltSgt, my RTO, and two others day after thanskgiving 1969. I believe Lt Smith was killed next day on the same hill.

  26. Thanks guys. More questions. funny how stuff that we did evry day is forgotten. No, I guess it’s good!

    Anyhow. Regarding being on guard at night. We set up claymores around the perimeter in our night lagger(meaning you guys-I, as a lazy 90mm guy never had to do set up trip wires, though I did pull guard) Was there anything else we set up? Also, did we use the word “Perimeter” or is that something I learned from watching TV all these years?
    Also. Whoever was on guard, called in sitreps. Was it every 15 minutes? Or was it random or what?
    Same situation-guard duty. M-16. Full magazine installed of course. Was it locked and loaded-round chambered with safety on? or full magazine, but not locked and loaded?

    1. Perimeter is correct. The location is a “Night Logger” or a “Day Logger”. As I recall, sit-reps were every hour. don’t forget the “Starlight Scopes” that were passed on from guard to guard. Remember that each guy would also pass the wrist watch to the next guy. everybody would tweak it a bit and the guy on the last guard duty would be stuck with a longer shift. Our M-16s were locked and loaded all the time with the safety on. One in the pipe with Charlie’s name on it….

  27. Short Round/Greg.

    I mean where were you from before Uncle Sam? For some reason I’m thinking Indiana. Was it Arizona or somewhere else, like Pluto or a galaxy far far away?

    Also. I know Jan 11th was in Tam Key area. Is that where we were Christmas 69? I know it wasn’t the exact same place but was our area (AO?) called Tam Key? If not, does anyone else have a name or description? Or, I could say we were about 20 miles south (what’s that, 33 klicks?) of Da Nang.

  28. This is from Pat Brown, the wife of John “Plowboy, Jr.” Brown. He’s really been in bad shape the past few weeks, but it getting better.

    “I want to take this opportunity to thank all the friends, churches and anyone that offered a prayer up in John’s name. Today we got to take him off the ventilator. Last week this time we were told he had no chance of living and by the grace of God today he is breathing on his own. He’s not completely out of the woods but he is here with me today. I call him my Christmas Miracle. Please continue to pray for him he has a long road ahead, but with God’s help we will make it through.”

  29. Hi guys. Thanks for your alias short round!

    I’m making up the 12 days thing as best i remember with some imagination involved. I have questions about some stuff that I don’t remember clearly.
    M-60s. Did we call them hogs or pigs?

    When FO called in HE or WP, did he say something like “4 rounds, fore for effect” or was it not a number and not rounds?

    When on guard duty every night. Did we have a term or phrase for whoever was on guard at the moment. Like “guard” or something? I do’t remember though I do remember”SItrep negative” which is what we wanted it to be.

    As far as I can tell, the cease fire or truce was one day only. Anyone know different?
    Chuck Missar from Chicago, South Side, right?
    Short Round. Where were you from back then?
    Larry Harper. Ft. Collins, CO then?

    thanks guys

    1. Infantry
      The M-60 was called both a Hog and or a Pig.
      I called in a lot of artie from up on Hill 251. As I recall, i would give them the grid coordinance and request lets say 6 rounds of HE at my command. I used to order a lot of VT which was a veriable time fuse which would explode about 50 feet above the ground.
      I’m guessing that when calling in a sit-rep, we would give the platoon and squad number. It’s hard to remember since I was usually asleep…… Just kidding…..
      And yes….. I was from the south side of Chicago….. You got a problem with that? Once again, just kidding…. Or am I!
      Good luck on the jingle…

    2. Jim:

      I am from southeast Colorado not from Ft. Collins which is on the north central state line of Colorado. I live 16 miles from the Kansas state line and about 30 miles from the Oklahoma state line.

  30. I was wounded same day as Danny my medic I saw note about him I remember he was hit in heel left foot, was he hurt any other places . I know that my wounds were more then I thought , spent two weeks in IC before be sent to japan for a month then month in hospital in fort benning. Was danny ok ? thanks ist plt c compay.

  31. Larry—last I heard–doc grunge did not wish to be involved with grunts—ooopppsss—Steve
    McCully—–been a bit since chuck and me got together.
    Offhand–don`t remember Jim

  32. I got some bad news the other day about John Brown being in the hospital and his kidneys have stopped working and he is on a respirator.
    I remember John got to the company the end of February or early March, 1970. He was in 3rd platoon. There was a guy by the name of Roger Huffman that got the name of “Plowboy” and he was not real fond of his nickname and John knew about this. One day someone called Roger Huffman by his nickname of “Plowboy” and John came to his defense letting them know he was not fond of his nickname. Since he took up for Roger they gave John the nick name of “Plowboy Jr.” After Roger left the field, I think everyone just dropped the Jr. off his nickname.
    We need to keep John, his wife Darlene and their family in our prayers and thoughts.


    1. You have some guys closer to you than I am. I think Jim Grose, Charles Missar and Steve McColley may be smiling about your possible move.

    1. You cannot change your information, I have to do it which I have now done. No telling what would happen to the roster if we leave it where anyone can change contact information.

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