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  1. Gary Capshaw says

    Dan: Were you dusted off out of Antenna Valley? Which platoon were you in?

    Charlie company usually has 2 reunions a year, one for the 70-72 group and one for those from previous years. There’s a lot of intermixing, though, as anybody is welcome at any reunion. We really should just have one, but that’s not up to me. Anyhow, if you’d like to come, we’ll need your contact information. Click on the red “admin” word above and send it to the site administrator for inclusion in the roster. He’ll give you the password too.

    Welcome home. I was in Charlie company at that same time and, though I don’t remember your name, I’ll bet I’d remember your face.

  2. dan mckee says

    Didnt mean to interupt your como really just wanted to say hi i remember a grafti with changing charlie. On one of the hutches.

  3. dan mckee says

    Hey i was at hawk hill in c/2/1 196 for short time got medevac to states 24 dec 70 went to va for shoulder hadnt been since 1980 had to have tests found out have agent orange cancer

  4. LT says

    The co-pilot survivor says that they were at about 150 feet just about to make their turn into the LZ. I don’t know why the load was such a hodge podge of companies. The guy from A co. may have been killed on the ground as was the C/2/1 soldier Dwight O’Brien. The idea of a manifest was almost out of the question when leaving Kham Duc. There were several guys on the ill fated flight who were asked to get off as it was overloaded. I always thought their were 4.2 mortar rounds on board but one story said 105 howitzer rounds. In either event there was Willy Pete rounds.

    • Carl Fryman says

      Thanks LT. For the past few years I’ve seen and heard much about this tragedy but never knew the details. I believe there were a few guys from Echo on the hook also.

  5. short round says

    bad day for and the shit-hook crew.. rough on many, including ty harper, our C.O. AT the time. sure glad i got out of the bush just before that.

  6. LT says

    Remember the lives of those lost on this day in 1970 at LZ Judy. We lost our brother Obie on that horrific day! He will live in our hearts forever as well as all the other souls lost. RIP brothers!

    • Carl Fryman says

      LT, How high up was the hook when it was hit? I also noticed that there were guys from all companies on the hook except for bravo. Most were from delta but how did guys from so many different companies end up on the 47?

  7. lawrence fry says

    just a fast note—today I buried a dear friend even though he was 94 yrs young.. he was an AMERICAN VET-WW2 through and though whenever there was anything to be done he right there in among us. born 1919/sept. 17 believe to be the last in our community sad day for all

  8. Terry Roberts says

    Carl, glad your wife is doing well, LT sometimes grandsons can bring back memories long forgotten, Tooch, check with Larry, he knows about Bill Stein.

  9. LT says

    Great news to hear the broken ankle is healing well. She has gone through a lot for just seemingly just stepping wrong getting off the bus. Hope you have a great time in Houston!

  10. Carl Fryman says

    Just want to update everyone who was at the reunion about my wife’s broken ankle. She went to the doctor last week and had x-rays taken and the bone is healing very well. They took out the staples and replaced them with surgical tape and put on a hard cast. She will go back on the 8th of September and, if all is well, she will get a walking boot. That will be perfect timing because we will leave on the 10th to fly to Houston for the Americal Reunion. She is still almost pain free and only uses Motrin in the morning and when she goes to bed at night. Thanks for all your prayers and kind wishes.

  11. Bill Beckum says

    The time frame would be right. Rings a bell. Wish I could remember more.

  12. chuck missar says

    If you like the Tilted Kilt, I know a place in Bangkok that you would love.

  13. LT says

    Hey guys!
    Got home last night at 8:00 from a 3 day 2900 mile road trip to take my Grandson to school at Florida International University in Miami. As I believe they say in the South, “Boy am I tarred”. His campus is beautiful with lots of gorgeous young ladies but it was hotter than Hates. Thank God for AC! I got my cherry broke as he and I had dinner at a Hooters where I had never been before. Lots of nice T and A but I still like the Tilted Kilt better! Of course we had to eat at Chik Fila. Good stuff! Hope all is well with everyone of you!

  14. Bill Beckum says

    When did you arrive? For some reason Bill Stein rings a bell but there has been a lot of water go under the bridge.

    • mark tucciarone says

      Bill, I arrived in country the first week of May 1969. Stein was assigned to BTOC in March of 1970. He said at that time, he had 73 days left.

  15. mark tucciarone says

    Hi guys. Awhile back, my mother sent me all the letters I wrote home from basic to the last letter I wrote in Nam in order of when they were written. There was also a cassette tape which I recently rediscovered. It was damaged; and I sent it out to be repaired and transferred to CD. I got it back yesterday and listened to it [ it was an hour long] Most of it was inane babble. I know that some of you think I have an accent; I could hardly understand myself. I also sounded like a 21 year moron from the streets of the Bronx. The tape was made on March 9,1970. I was working in BTOC at the time and had 57 days left in country. As it turned out, it ended up being 36,because I got a drop in country. In any case , Charlie Co. was on the hill on the bunker line. I mentioned some names Sipps,Hufnagel,Scanlon, and a guy named Bill Stein Does anyone remember Stein ? I don’t see him on the roster. Tooch

  16. chuck missar says

    Check this out. Turn the volume up. It will get the old hearts pumping again….

    • Bill Beckum says


  17. Bill Beckum says

    I know we will not forget those who did not come home. May they all rest in peace. Lawrence Detwiler, Phoenixville, PA August 22, 1969. A day I will remember until the end.

  18. Gary Capshaw says

    The Cascades only grow on the west side. There isn’t enough rain on the east side to grow weeds.

  19. Terry Roberts says

    Bill, here in Washington watering is not a problem. Seeing them through the clouds IS the problem! Mt ST Helens definitely shrunk a few years back but it is trying to grow back.

  20. Bill Beckum says

    If you water the mountains do they grow?

  21. Terry Roberts says

    I’ll throw Seattle into the ring. I know it’s a long trip for folks, but august,september are good months for weather and there’s lots to see and do. Good salmon fishing for one and places to go, moutains to water. Think about it.

  22. Larry Harper says

    We did not discuss a reunion for 2015 at the recent reunion. Does anyone want to host a reunion in 2015? Tom Scanlon is considering hosting one in the Twin Cities. I would love to have a choice on reunion hosts, but we usually are lucky to get someone to host a reunion.

    Ted VanAulen showed interest in hosting a 2016 reunion in FL, but said it is so hot there that it might have to be early 2017 to have the reunion.

    Anyone with interest in hosting a reunion contact me or post on this site.

  23. Rick Lowell says

    I know that the latest reunion just finished, but does anyone know where and when the next one is?
    I really want to attend one, but, unfortunately, I still work, and if I know far enough in advance, I can plan for it.

  24. LT says

    Carl, hope Linda is mending well!
    Larry, back in Creede?
    Gary and Theresa, sorry I didn’t get to see you on Sunday before I left.
    Terry, hope you are feeling better!

    • Carl Fryman says

      LT, Linda is doing well. There is very little pain and she can put 50% weight on it now. She is walking with a walker and also with a cane briefly when we have to go out down the steps. She has an appointment with the doctor on Monday. Her right ankle, which was sprained, still looks really bad but she can walk on it fine. She is wearing a brace on that ankle. Thanks for asking and I will post what the doctor says or does on Monday.

    • Larry says

      Yes, we are back in Creede, CO. It is raining every day here, wished I could get this on my ole drought stricken farm in southeast Colorado.

      Great reunion! We did not discuss a 2015 reunion. Any ideas?

  25. Terry Roberts says

    Cap, I agree. Youcan’t believe everything put out on the internet.

  26. lawrence fry says

    Carl-PRAYING for a speedy recovery for Linda…sry I wasn’t able to attend this time…//Cap if I thought that I was putting crap on here I wouldn’t post–the story was on msn/nightly news/yahoo..

  27. Bill Beckum says

    My wishes for a speedy recovery for Linda. They were not her fan club but her “groupies” !

    • Carl Fryman says

      Hey Bill, My wife liked that!!!

  28. Carl Fryman says

    Linda and I had a great time at the reunion. We met some wonderful people and enjoyed ourselves. Just a brief update on Linda. As you may know she broke her ankle when we went up to Munising for the boat tour. We drove home on Sunday, saw the doctor on Monday, and had surgery yesterday. Her ankle was dislocated and broke in three places. They placed a plate and screws in her ankle and also removed some slivers of bone also. She will start walking on it some tomorrow. She hasn’t had very much pain. Thanks to all who asked about her and were concerned about her well being. (She referred to you all as her fan club!) A special thanks to Ron and Martha Causey who stayed with us the whole six hours that we were over there and brought us back to the hotel safely. Thanks Ron and Martha. We hope to attend the one being planned in Tampa. It’s nice to put faces to some names I see on here. For those who didn’t attend or couldn’t attend hope to meet you at the next one.

  29. Lauren says

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  30. Ron Causey says

    Great time at the reunion.
    Learned something
    Different Tours
    Different Ranks
    Same Business
    Same B.S.
    I hope to come to the next reunion.

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