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3,888 thoughts on “Discussion”

  1. Hey Mr, Connell,
    Chicago just made it through the coldest Feb on record and the 3rd Snowiest on record. Supposed to see 50’s at the end of next week!

  2. Albany NY had the second coldest February in recorded history averaging 12.6 degrees with many nights below zero……Snow is still on the ground but the temps are supposed to hit the high thirties in the next few days…..Spring is almost here…..It will be nice to turn down the heat which is costing an arm and a leg.

  3. It snowed again here in northern New Jersey. The piles of snow in front of and back of my car have reached 8 feet. Tooch

  4. No complaints here near Seattle where we’ve had no rain (really!) for a week and heating up to the high 50’s. Think I’ll stay here.

  5. Larry….. Weather here in Arizona is mid 70’s and sunny. Who in their right mind would not want to be here. Good luck with that Artic weather……

  6. I can’t believe I move from Florida to Pennsylvania 3 1/2 years ago after I retired to be close to my grand kids. Must have been too many blows to the head and too much heat during my tour!

  7. It’s a little nippley here in Colorado. We are not supposed to get above freezing and we are supposed to get some snow today. It would be a good time to be down in warm Arizona. The last I knew, Doc Capone up in Providence, RI had snow up to his chin and snow was still falling.

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  9. On a happier note, love the new website Larry! I’ve been out of action. Broke my neck, and crushed my foot wrecking my motor scooter down in Arkansas. I am back to walking and talking again :). Even got a new bike.

    1. What an odd occurrence on the 26th is in my life. He was the last Charlie Company brother killed in action and he was killed on my birthday on February 26th. I was also drafted on my birthday, yes, February 26, 1969. I left the field from Charlie Company on the 26th of July, 1970. The last guy I knew that was killed in action, Dwight O’Brien was killed on my father’s birthday, August 26, 1970. My son Brandon was born on the 26th of November. I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado on May 26th. My brother Wayne died last month on January 26th. Wow!
      Rest in peace, my brother.

      1. That’s 7 things which happened on the 26th, only 2 of which could be described as good. That’s a 71% chance that something bad is going to happen around you on the 26th.

        I love you Brother, but if we ever have a reunion on the 26th and you’re there, I’m not coming. It wouldn’t be worth the risk. LOL

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