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4,071 thoughts on “Discussion”

  1. Here’s hoping our brothers in South Carolina are safe and dry. I read where they got 17 inches of rain in 24 hours. Brother Don Kovarick hosted a reunion on Hilton Head Island, SC several years back looks to be in the eye of the storm. There are several more in the area.

  2. bill–cpt morris lives in elyria ohio–small town near lake erie. has kids and grandkids in the area. does not like winters–but—
    has some hard times due to memories of NAm

  3. got a question–has anyone heard the numbers on Alezimers for vets.i read there will be more nam vets with ALEZ. THAN ANY OTHER CONFLCK .WILL ALSO START AT A YOUNGER AGE THAN OTHER PERIOD IN TIME…LARRY SHURE MISS U ALL.. I WAS STARTED ON MEDS THIS WEEK-64 YRS YOUNG

    1. That may be related to what they now call Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Nobody knew about that back then, so nobody checked us for it after we’d been close to explosions. For instance, I was once picked up and flung through the air by a 122 rocket. It made my ears ring, but nothing else. However, now that we know about TBI, I wonder whether or not I’m now on the short list for alzheimer’s.

    1. What a sly fellow. Now that I remember it, he had a birthday every time we went on stand down and everyone had to get him a present.

  4. just talked to CPT Morris–all not well. awaiting phone call from doc for back surgery. in more pain. i volunteered to do the cutting–his reply is not printable.
    plan to leave PA. sunday and drive to AZ.
    bw well fellow grunts–s.r.

  5. First of all I want to thank Tom and DeDe for hosting the Charlie Co. 2015 reunion. The reunion lasted only four days but I’m sure many weeks of preparation and a lot of anxiety went into it. Since I returned home from Nam in 1970 I’ve talked very little about my experience with anyone. It was like they would never understand. I did more talking during those four days than the past forty five. My wife and I look forward to future reunions. Except for the two other Fred’s that attended I couldn’t remember many names. I’m sure things will get better next time.
    Fred & Cindy Mayorga

  6. hi to fellow grunts—great reunion–thanks tom and de de and of course larry–for this site–so that SOME grunts can practice writing–on rare occasions.
    fred marorga–1st reunion-is the grunt i carried across a rice paddy–pic on here–when he was short in Jan of 70. this is how 1st platoon took care of our short timers. not sure what other platoons did.

  7. I want to thank everyone that made a donation while we was at the reunion to help defray cost of keeping a web site up and running. Now that you have done part of your part of being in the Charlie Company family, you need to do another part of your part. Use the discussion page and take active participation in being part of the family! Even if you do not think you have anything interesting make an appearance once in awhile.
    I hope to soon have the photo section updated. I am in the process of getting all my summer toys that are in Creede, CO home and put up. I am also helping with planting wheat on my farm. We will be planting 720 acres, so it may be a few weeks.
    Again, thank you brothers for your contributions.

  8. Follow up to the 2015 Minneapolis Reunion. I just got off the phone with Captain Morris. He was elated to receive the cards with all the great comments and the hat which I also enclosed. Bob had a tough week in the hospital with more back issues. The package with our thoughts helped raise his spirits. Fred Chinn, great idea having everyone sign cards and add a note to Bob. DeDe and I had a great time hosting this years Reunion and again it’s our Reunion so please continue to add to this great event that should be held yearly.
    Brother Tom

  9. Hey guys,
    I am remiss for not thanking our gracious hosts Tom and DeDe for putting on a class act that was enjoyed by all. I must say I cried more at this one than any other. Had an epidural shot in my neck last night so now we wait and see.

    Love you all more than you could imagine!

      1. Chuck,
        I have a lot of issues with my neck which translates into pain in my shoulder and arm. I had a bout about a year and a half ago and now another which has given me pain for over 9 weeks so I followed my MD’s directions and got the epidural to see if it will help. Missed you at the reunion. Captain Jack was there but I don’t think it got totally consumed. Thanks for your concern!

  10. A big thanks to Tom and Dede for an incredible time with a great group of people I truly appreciate. The friday night BBQ, the memorial wall, the fun and emotional dinner together with the bank account depleting shopping trips for our ladies made this a truly memorablr trip for all of us. Louise and I hope that next year here in Seattle it can be just as memorable and hope that all can make the trek west. Thank you all.

    1. Have to agree with Terry wholeheartedly,was a great gathering and everyone was sincerely friendly and kind.This was the first reunion I attended,was hesitant about going as I only knew a couple of people there ,but as soon as I got there everyone I met put me at ease.I had a great time and am really glad I made the effort to attend.For those of you that are thinking about going to one of these gatherings in the future by all means go ,I’m sure you won’t regret it.you may just walk away feeling as I did…That you do belong to a very special group of people.Thanks Tom and DeDe for a great time and a very special thanks to Larry Harper,because without him this web site nor Reunions most likely would not have happened.MayGod watch over all of you….be safe

  11. Hi , everyone. I had a wonderful time at our reunion. Thanks to DiDi and Tom for all their hard work. The book I had mentioned is Patriots [the Vietnam war remembered from all sides] written by Christian G. Appy. This is a must read. It is the best book on the war that I have ever read!! Tooch

  12. Had a long painful drive home yesterday after the reunion with the damn shoulder but it was well worth it. I had a wonderful time with our group this year and hope we can have a bunch more. Love you guys! See you in Seattle next year!

  13. I had a great time at this year’s reunion. I was very happy to see first timers Fred Mayorga and Roger Wilson attend. Both had a great time and said that they will attend future reunions. Also Robert St. George attended after missing several reunions. The hotel where we stayed was great and the free breakfast they included in the rate was outstanding. I want to thank Tom and DeDe Scanlon for all the time, money and everything else that they put in to make the reunion happen. I also want to thank our Battalion commander Colonel Si Nerone who has for years sent very nice donations for refreshments. I hope his back problems that have kept him from attending will give him some relief so he can attend future reunions. It was great to see everyone, and I missed those that was unable to attend.

    See you guys in Seattle next year.

  14. Got to visit with Larry Ferguson today. It’s the first time any of us have seen him since he hit a booby trap and went home in July, ’71. He looks great and it was great to see him.

    I’ll send him the address to this website so he can add his personal info.

  15. just back from a terrific 3 days at the reunion in Minneapolis. What a great time. Thanks to Tom and Dede for all your time and efforts. God Bless you all.

    Fred and Alice Passe

  16. hello everyone-my name is Bill Furniss I was platoon leader with Charlie company in 19 70–71. I have never been to a reunion but I will be 70 years old next year so I think I better attend the next one.

  17. It’s Japanese and he’s basically saying how much he likes the site etc. You see that all the time on other sites and it’s just a ploy trying to get a response. Don’t do it. It’s some kind of scam.

  18. Headed to the Twin Cities Monday for the reunion. It might be only me and Wally arriving early this year. We will secure the lz.

  19. Hey Guys,
    The travelling Vietnam Memorial Wall is in town for the weekend so I went yesterday to visit the guys and pay my respects. I am pulling a guard shift tonight on the Wall from 10:00 to midnight! See you in a short! I am bringing peaches and pound cake !

  20. My wife showed me a photo from a face book post of proud 1st time grandparents Ben and Marilyn Buehler! Congradulations!

  21. Ron Jefferies son called me today, he was wanting to know about the C 2/1 reunion. I told him that I was in B and HHC Co. and your reunion was different from the 196th. I told him to get ahold of Larry Harper. If someone wants to contact him, his number is 1-559-560-6858.

    1. Ron did call me and I gave him all my notes and things that I had on his dad. The son is also a veteran.

      The phone number above is Ron Jefferies. Ron said that someone called him thinking the number above is mine.

  22. Clint, It grieves me badly to hear about Moose. We were together in Charlie in 1968 until he went home in July. I was never so excited to hear that Moose was coming to the reunion. I talked to him on the phone a couple of times. I just talked to Moose a few weeks ago. He called me to get the name of the hotel and the phone number and we talked for about an hour rehashing our days together in 1st platoon together. I couldn’t wait to see him. I was just thinking about him this morning as I was getting ready for church. This one really hurts! Give my condolences to his family, Clint.

    1. Carl:

      I talked to Ron’s son tonight. His name is also Ron. I had talked to Ron “Moose” Jeffries several times over the last six months. He told me how excited he was about attending the reunion. I will have to refer to my notes, but it sounded like he really liked to torment you, Carl.

      Rest in peace my brother Moose.

      1. Larry, I talked to Ron Jr night before last. We talked for about an hour. I hope that I made him feel better. I know it helped me. I was looking so forward, to seeing Moose and was shocked beyond belief when I saw Clint’s posting. At first, I thought it might be an error but sadly it wasn’t. some of the joy of this reunion is lost now with Moose’s death.

  23. Greg Cook. You mentioned Snagglepuss. I remember a guy that Bill Young named Snagglepus because Bill said he talked like him. Is that who you mean. I remember him being teamed with me and Bill (probably around Feb. 70) with the 90mm and I thought he was a 90 guy. Is this the same guy, do you know? Bill and I almost killed him one day when he threw peaches and pound cake out because he didn’t like it and didn’t know that was the ultimate dessert of the bush!

    1. Jim
      It’s funny you mention pound cake and peaches. About ten years ago Top Silverman sent me some pound cake and peaches after a conversation we had about them…..
      Thanks Top!

  24. Looking forward to reunion, SR I swore never to put a ruck on my back July 2 1970 and I never have and never will!

  25. I finally got the agenda for the reunion posted to this web site under reunions. Check it out.

    Carl, I will email you my notes on the August 26 disaster.

  26. LT,

    Where was the 47 coming from when it crashed on LZ Judy? There were guys from several different companies including Charlie.

  27. heard from tom scanlon–ready to go.
    yea,26 aug.–hell of a day–snaglepuss also injured–can`t remember now, what day i left the bush–that morning or a day or 2 earlier. was at hawk hill when a chopper pilot there told me what had just happened.
    presume its been said–cpt morris not coming.hard to believe he is now in 70s.
    here`s a suggestion–have tom or larry bring a FULL rucksack and we can bet C`s on who can still hump 1–and bet on who has rucksack nitemares that nite.

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