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  1. Bill Connell says

    LT….I heard they will change the name of the beer to Pabst… RED… Ribbon.

  2. LT says

    Decided I will never touch a can of PBR for the rest of my days for two reasons: It is no longer a good beer and a Russian Brewery just bought the name of PBR, Colt 45 and Old Milwaukee.

    • Larry Harper says

      What beer do you drink? Not many brands still owned in the U.S. of A. anymore.

  3. Carl Fryman says

    Just an update on Linda. They took the cast off of her ankle last week and she is now wearing a boot for at least 4 weeks. Her next appointment with the doctor is on the 8th. He told her to start weaning herself off the walker which she is doing around the house. We were able to go to the Americal reunion in Houston last week. The trip went well and the reunion was a success as usual. Anyone serve with Col Al Coleman? I met him at the reunion. I don’t know how old he is but his mind is still pretty sharp. Maybe someone has a memory of him; good or bad!

    • Phillip Twilla says

      LTC A. H. Colman was in command of 2nd Bn, 1st Inf. until he was replaced by LTC. Henry G. Watson on 4 Nov. 1970. I was only a PFC in A/2/1 at the time. So I doubt he even knew that I was around. Never heard a bad word or complaint about him.

      • Gary Capshaw says

        I never heard a good word about Watson.

  4. Chuck Missar says

    Copy and past this to your search bar:
    The President awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor to the brother of a guy who was from Delta company 2nd of the 1st 196th LIB. He was working off of Hawk Hill in January of 1970.

    • Carl Fryman says

      Watched it on C Span over the internet. A little emotional for Don Sloats family. Benny Atkins the other one who received the MOH was alive and there. He was wounded 18 times in 4 days. It was estimated that he killed between 135 to 175 enemy in those 4 days. Why does it take 45+ years to figure this out!!! Don Sloats mother fought for his MOH since his death and unfortunately died 3 years ago never getting to enjoy this moment.

      • Bill Beckum says

        A lot get lost in the paperwork then. Not making excuses but we are much more electronically geared today. Remember when the VA went to record keeping on the computer in St Petersburg, FL & that was about 10 years ago. Sorry his Mom missed out on her son’s honor.

  5. LT says

    Glad to hear that Louie and Sherry are alive. Haven’t seen them at a reunion for a while and he don’t answer emails. Glad you are back safe!

  6. Gary Capshaw says

    Just got back from a week in Detroit. While there, I spent the night with Lou and Sherry Laparl and visited briefly with Frank Ripley over breakfast at Sawyer, MI. It was good to see them all and I thank Louie and Sherry for having me in their home.

  7. Bill Connell says

    Larry…..Many thanks to you and Brandon for creating this website and best wishes to you and your whole family.

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