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  1. Bill B….Moving costs a lot of money….I recently thought about moving closer to my daughter and her husband because the wife baby sits the grandchildren every day……She drives about a 25 minutes each way…..I found a nice house, but it cost a lot more and the taxes were double……Then I looked at the prices houses were selling at in my current neighborhood and they were not too good……Decided against the move…..Jim…..9500 property tax…..Wow!!!

  2. Bill, C
    We really liked Mahopac. The kids were young and could walk to the Lake. I worked in White Plains. Did not like the drive to work because of traffic. We bought our house which started as a cottage 50 years earlier and added onto with an attic converted to two bedrooms. It had three roofs on it and had to replace the septic system within 2 months after moving in. I will always remember the property taxes being $2800 for this 1400 sq ft house in 1984.
    We moved to KC to a 5 year old house with 2800 square ft and the real estate agent apologized for the taxes being $975. All of this was in 1984.

  3. Bill Beckum….When I was in my early 20s my parents moved from the Bronx to Mahopac NY . They lived there until my father died and then my mother sold the house and moved to an apartment in Albany…..Small world after all……I grew up about a mile away from Tooch in an all Irish neighborhood…..Now it is all Vietnamese immigrants!

  4. Jim,
    I can tell everyone now I know a guy who may have set on the same commode as some famous stars. Figured up my taxes for 2014 and paid $5,500. Gotta love the Northeast. The price of being close to grand kids.

  5. Hey Tuch. Claymore on the desk is a good idea, especially facing out towards whoever you are talking to! Maybe I’ll find a 90mm replica and hang it around my neck like a medallion. Full size of course.

    Long Island questions. I’m in Meford. About 55 miles east of NYC. Only about 5 miles from Ronkonkoma, 10 from Setauket and about 40 east of Freeport.

    Yeah, it’s an expensive place to live. My home taxes are close to $9,500K and that’s is with a $2,700 vet’s discount. I’m so rich, I only have to work two jobs at 67 years old to pay the bills. That is what I consider “Semi-retired.” But the kids and grandkids are all within reach and the 24″ of snow is too wonderful to escape from so we’re staying put. Also, I grew up 5 miles from Billy Joel (who we’re going to see in April at Madison Square Garden-Christmas gift from my daughter). And not that far from Jerry Seinfeld, Alec Baldwin, Ralph Macchia, Soledad O-Brien (CNN), Joey Buttafucco and Amy Fisher.

    So, if I cared about celebrities, famous bums and a teenage slut, I could start a Long Island tour. And, although I don’t watch it, that TV series about the American revolution “Turn” is set right in this neighborhood, including stuff in Setauket.

    And, Tuch, J-Lo is from the Bronx (that’s where you came from, right?). So, maybe you can go and hang out with her and Colin Powell also.

    1. Jim, yes I grew up in the Bronx. I now live in Wallington N.J. It’s about 2 miles west of Giant stadium [or at least it used to be called that. until that green team moved in ]. This coming Tuesday, I’ll be at MSG to watch the Knicks lose. By the way, that show Turn is pretty good. Here in N.J. , property tax is waived if you are at 100%. I’ve just watched a movie called Fury.If you havn’t already, check it out TOOCH [ notice the spelling, you too Larry.

  6. You know what bothers me about this Bergdahl case–Despite the White House having a strong interest in this going in Bergdahl’s favor it shouldn’t take the senior commanders this long to decide to recommend charging him or not. Second, I think the Army knows he deserted his post in hostile territory. If they are afraid to charge him because of fear of the White House, you have to ask if our senior command has the ethics and courage to be entrusted with our Army. Finally, what kind of precedent is set if the senior command just slaps a front-line deserter on the wrist (or less). Does that mean you really only have to do your duty if you want to and it’s safe and the weather is good?

  7. I remember our head Drill Sergeant at Fort Lewis handed them out and said they were for the successful completion of 24 hours of active duty. I was very confused.

  8. OK, for you hard core “Grunts” I need help. I was looking at my DD-214 and have figured out what most of my decorations stand for. Does NDSM stand for National Defense Service Metal?

  9. Just today I got the new issue of Medals of America. I haven’t ordered much, just a couple of pins and patches. Hope all are okay, my cousin in Jersey said he just got a dusting, guess it just depends on your location.

  10. Time for a war story with all this talk of ambushes. Don’t remember when it was but it must have been during the monsoon season as it was always raining and hard. Might have been in mid June when I got back from R&R. I caught up with the company in the mountains with triple canopy jungle. Four of us were instructed to go down a trail and set up a night ambush. I don’t remember how far out from the our night logger we went but I was not a happy camper. It was raining so hard you could only see a few feet. We set up looking down the trail unable to see anything knowing the NVA would stumble over us before we would know it. We were soaked to the bone and cold. Someone had brought a poncho. All four of us curled up under it to avoid the rain. We all fell asleep till morning when we woke up. I don’t remember having a radio. We got up and went back in. I guess we all could have been shot but none of us said anything. Of course the NVA would have tripped over us but only a fool would have been out in that weather. We were very lucky. Now you know the whole story.

  11. Jim,
    In the mid 80-81 we lived in E Setauket in Suffolk County for 18 months and I worked in Lake Ronkonkoma. We then moved to Mahopac in Putnam County for 18 months. Left NY for Kansas City, MO in 1984. Could not afford to live there.

  12. Where are you on Long Island? I spent a week out there after Sandy and might have been close and didn’t know it. We bunked at a church in Freeport, but I assessed damage from Coney Island to Oyster Bay.

  13. Didn’t mean to start a controversy. The claymore on the trailer hitch socket was, to me, rather subtle. Very few people know what it is and those of us who do, know automatically that the guy with it does too and, presumably, has been there, done that. Kind of like the CIB that I have on my car window. Most people probably think it is some kind of decoration but only an army guy probably knows what it is and a fellow grunt knows what it really means.

    Anyhow. No big deal. And, coincidentally I received a catalog the other day of military stuff you can buy; shoulder patches, cib decals, T-shirts, Vietnam Veteran hats, etc. In it, was the fake claymore. I don’t have the catalog to see if it says anything about a trailer hitch but it was not an airsoft one. Just a dummy. $40 I think. Some of the stuff was kind of a stretch, like T-shirts that said “Cold war veteran.”

    In Vietnam magazine, they had a thing about some colonel (on active duty) who is being punished (I forget how; court martial or what) for wearing fake stuff: ranger patch and other stuff like that. He is legitimately a vet of several tours in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. I don’t remember if the article said what he did there. But he got caught faking stuff and is in well deserved hot water. Seems weird that a lifer would do that and think he could get away with it. Of course anyone can buy the stuff that is in those catalogs but you’d like to think about stuff like pride, integrity, etc. I’m naive I guess.

    I also didn’t know what MA stood for.
    Bergdahl is a piece of crap. When I first got to Echo company, they had a guy who the first sgt. used to use to run errands and stuff. He had been in recon and repeatedly went to sleep on guard duty and they sent him to LZ Baldy. He was a dirtbag and had no shame over the fact that it happened and that he could have got guys killed. Seemed a double-shame that he got to have a remf job because he was such a jerk, while others were a man about it. Plenty of guys didn’t like the field but they stuck it out. He is the type that would wear fake medals. I hope he never got a CIB. Technically, he might have been eligible.

    Anyhow, on a lighter and whiter note. Here on Long Island, east of New York City we are sitting under 24″ of snow that fell in the last 18 hours or so. I remember the first day I was in the field, there was an E-5 from Michigan (I don’t know if it was Charlie company or not), who, on his helmet, had written “Think Snow.”

    1. Jim,I have one of those fake claymores as an ornament on my desk at home. If bergdahl was a cook and deserted; who cares. But he was infantry .The should have been taken behind the barn. Firing squad; and I would be first in line ,or even better, the only one in the squad. Tooch

  14. Yes Clay we couldn’t call them booby traps so we coined the clever term of Mechanical Ambush. The ususal deployment was one claymore facing the trip wire(the guy who tripped it was toast) and one each way facing down the trail to get some more. One of my fellow LTs in Bravo Company got the Bn record by getting 7 NVA in one Mechanical I believe it was at Kham Duc.

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