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4,587 thoughts on “Discussion”

  1. there is a picture of the wall being desecrated by unknowns. if you don’t see it I have it on my fb page..

  2. I know there only seem to be few guys here from the very early days, but an important anniversary from then is underway.
    Literally underway in that 50 years ago yesterday C 2/1 embarked on the USNS General William O. Darby from Boston Harbor on its way to the Republic of Vietnam.
    Was anyone else here aboard?

    1. I would like to know how long a trip it was by ship, any stops, and where she landed in Vietnam. Does anyone know when they started counting your one year tour. I assume it started the day you stepped on Vietnam soil.

      1. I was told by several guys that their tour started the day they boarded the ship. I think the trip took about a month, but not real sure. These guys are “the Originals”. Their captain was James Thompson whom I have been with several times. There are about 10-12 of these guys attend 196 LIB reunions.

  3. Brothers:
    I had another Charlie Company Brother come into our brotherhood a few days ago. Let me introduce Robert -“Twiggy” or “Montana” – Jewell. His contact information is now included on the “roster” section. Remember this is the only part of the web site password protected. If you need the password, let me know.
    Here is what he told me about: I discovered the Charlie Grunts website and I’d like to join. I was with C 2/1 from the beginning of February ’68 to July or August at which time I transferred to the newly arrived 11th LIB because Americal said they needed combat-experienced troops.

    Most of my Vietnam experiences are repressed -especially my time with C 2/1. I remember so few names from that time. Some that a remember are my squad leader, Shorty Baumbach (severely maimed by a booby trap), Pedro Ramirez, Sgt. Connely, Sgt. Risco.

    I was from Montana and had an outline of the state drawn on my helmet. My two nick names were Twiggy and Montana. I’d like to connect with brothers who were there when I was …and hopefully someone remembers me.

    Thanks a million

    Robert “Bob.” “Twiggy,” “Montana” Jewell

    1. Welcome home “Montana”. My tour was after yours but wanted to say one of my best friends from High School served in the 11th after you in 1970, He wrote to me before I came home in 11/1969 to ask about the infantry as he was expecting to serve & wound up in the 11th.

    2. Bob,

      Do you remember any of your platoon leaders, the CO when you were there or which platoon you were in? I was with C2/1 from 11/67 to 9/68 which would be during your time. Captain Thomasson would have been the CO when you were there.

  4. My thoughts and prayers go out to the brave men and women and the families of the murdered Dallas Police Department officers.

  5. Steve Black:
    RE: Eugene “Wayne” Robinson
    I got a book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble titled Through The Valley (Viet Nam 1967-1968) by James F. Humphries. It gives a lot of detail on some 196th actions during that time frame. It really describes C 2/1’s actions on January 4-6, 1968. They had been op-conned to another battalion and, knowing how these things go, I would guess got stepchild status. When the fight started most if not all the top leadership became casualties very quickly. The rest is is an unhappy but, I believe, accurate story.

  6. Hello,

    Found you guys researching my wife’s Uncle PFC Franco Diani. He served with Charlie Company in 1970, KIA on 9/20/70. Doing research on unit patches right down to company if possible. I would like to do a shadow box. It will be passed down our son someday named after Franco.

    1. Brian:
      I sent you a email wanting to help you gather the information. You might check your junk email for my message.
      There are several guys that are on this web site from time to time that knows Franco. Maybe they will reply also.

    1. Bill,
      My wife adds the word “half” before the word “wit” In my house husbands are to be seen & not heard.

  7. Happy 4th of July everybody!…….Another idea for a ride to the reunion would be to call Uber. Should be less than a regular taxi.

    1. Bill,
      Don’t remember an Uber! Was he in our Company. Must have been before or after my time in country. Do you remember his first name. Can’t find him on the roster. I do remember “calling Phillip Morris.” Believe he served in WWII.


  9. Eugene ” Wayne ” Robinson RIP was part of the 196 LIB in 67-68. Purple heart and bronze star recipient. In some short conversations we had in the 40 years we were friends and brother in law. He spoke a two engagements and one was almost a total loss. They walked into NVA several times bigger then they were. I believe he was in country just over a year 67-68. If anyone can help me fill in the blanks, It is for his 35 YO daughter that only has some of his patches and some of his medals and nothing else as far as why he got the medals or when and when. I’d like to fill in those blanks for her.
    Personal note: Wayne went on to be and retire from The Wichita Ks. Fire Department as a Lt. and worked a small farm with cattle and leased farm ground. He also made was the common perception of a CIB Vietnam Vet. His nick name at the Fire Department was “Wild Man” as he approach to dealing with how to rescue someone and to dealing with structural fires. He was highly respected by the WFD and honored as well when he retired. We cut lots of firewood together over the years, did some crazy sht that most wouldn’t do. He lived life on his terms. I miss him greatly.

    1. Although I did not know Wayne because I came after his tour may our brother RIP. You may be able to find the information you seek through Veterans & Family Search & Information shown on the left side of this screen. My sympathy.

    2. Hi Steve,

      My name is Carl Fryman. I was with 1st platoon C2/1 at the end of 1967 and 10 months of 1968. I remember a guy named Robinson but we called him Robbie. I don’t know if this is the one and same. I think the 2 fire fights he was referring to occurred on 5 January 68 and 9 February 68. There were several others but the one that he referred to as almost loosing everyone, was on 5 January. If you want to talk, email me carlfryman@fuse.net and maybe we can setup a phone conversation. .

  10. Have rented a car. Arriving 9/6 at 9pm. Leaving Hotel about 8:15 on 9/11. Can do p/u on Wed-Fri. My home phone & cell is on the roster. Will do my best to accommodate those who need a ride.

  11. The family of brother Danny Buskirk received enough donations from members of Charlie Company to completely pay for his funeral arrangements. They wish to express their gratitude for such generosity.

    So do I. You guys are the best!!

  12. Wife and I are going to the Seattle reunion. We land at 5:30 pm
    on wed. 9-7. We have rented a car ( small suv.) and can give other people rides. Give me a call and we’ll set it up. (714) 227-6951.

  13. To brothers that are going to the reunion in Seattle. It seems like to get to and from the airport will cost around $50 each way per person. What might work well if we can team up with another couple and share the rent of a car for the reunion. We are going to need some transportation while we are there anyway. Maybe some of us renting cars can shuttle people to and from the airport.

  14. Hey Brothers,
    This is to pass on that a Company Commander of our sister company, Bill Bacon, A/2/1 died in February of a brain tumor. He commander A/2/1 and was wounded in Kham Duc in 1970. The Bn Commander at the time, Alton Coleman wrote a small tribute to Bill in the most recent Americal Journal. RIP brotner!

    1. I was close to Bill Bacon and saw him several times over the years. I attended his funeral at the National Cemetery at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio in February. Full military honors with caisson and active duty bugler. VERY touching.

  15. Brother Danny Buskirk passed away yesterday in hospice after a long fight with cancer. No details about services are known at this time.

    1. Well as we said during our tours we know he went to heaven because he spent his time in hell. Rest in peace brother as your earthly tour is over.

    2. Regarding Danny Buskirk’s funeral: Memorials are requested to Raff & Dunbar Funeral Home. Please send checks, made out to the funeral home, to Danny’s sister, Margo Brown, at 1413 Woodward Ave, Springfield, Ohio 45505. She could not afford to have Danny cremated, so she took out a loan from the funeral home. Visitation will only be for 1 hour. Don’t know date yet, but please send a donation to Danny’s sister, if you can. It’s the least we can do!

      1. Gary, I did not know Danny personally but I posted this on our Facebook page. I hope the sister is not offended if she receives a donation or two.

        Normally I would not do this but one of the members of the the Infantry Company I served with during Vietnam Danny Buskirk passed away yesterday in hospice after a long fight with cancer. It is a sad situation when a person who served our country passes he does not have enough even to be cremated. We are always posting about honoring our vets so here is a way if you can only send a dollar. Memorials are requested to Raff & Dunbar Funeral Home. Please send checks, made out to the funeral home, to Danny’s sister, Margo Brown, at 1413 Woodward Ave, Springfield, Ohio 45505. She could not afford to have Danny cremated, so she took out a loan from the funeral home. Please send a donation to Danny’s sister, if you can. It’s the least we can do! Any amount would be appreciated. This is not a scam as I found out on our web site from a fellow brother in arms.
        Thank you, Bill/Pat

  16. Tooch:

    Thanks for the kind words but my wife is a pleasure to be with not me. Sorry I can’t make to Seattle but I have my 50th High School Re-union and my son’s birthday (45) the same week in NJ.
    Best oyster I have ever been too near the Stadium where the Mariners play. Seattle is a great town. Bullwinkle!

  17. REUNION: SEPT 8-11th Seattle
    July 28th, LAST DAY to reserve rooms at Seattle Marriott Redmond, 888-347-2319. Mention Charlie Grunts 196 to get discount room rate of $ 119.00
    THURS SEPT. 8 check in 3:00 Dinner 6:00 BJ’s Restaurant (within walking distance from hotel)
    FRIDAY SEPT. 9 dinner location not confirmed
    SATURDAY SEPT. 10 “Seattle Day” Enjoy the city *see Places of Interest below. Dinner 6:00 in Seattle at Art Marble 21.

    Days are free to explore.
    PLACES OF INTEREST: Bellevue Sq. Shopping Mall, Redmond Farmer’s Mkt.,Golfing, Boeing Tour (Everett) Space Needle, and on the waterfront, Great Wheel (ferris wheel) & Pike Place Mkt.
    Our Hospitality Area will be in the lobby of hotel around the bar.
    A few guys have mentioned renting cars, maybe this can be shared with a fellow vet.
    NO SHUTTLE from airport to hotel. The hotel suggested Shuttle Express, 425-981-7000 or shuttleexpress.com. The estimated cost is $50 one way for 2 people. Reservations necessary.
    If you are planning to attend, please shoot me an email to confirm. We have only 5 rooms reserved so far & I know more are coming.
    Your brother, Terry Roberts (360-631-3080) or
    We will have a great time & can’t wait to see you guys.

    1. If you wish to come in early or stay longer ask for the special rate. I did. They transferred to another Dept & there was no problem. Every buck counts.

  18. I just got back visiting my 88 year old Mom [ who by the way, has more energy than me ]. W spent some time with Ted and his wife at their new house . They are a pleasure to be around. Tooch

  19. One of our brothers, Ted Van Aulen bought a new house and moved a few miles from where they were living. I have updated Ted’s new address and phone number on the roster section.

    The roster section is the only thing password protected on this web site. I have tried to keep everyone up on the password. If you need the password to get into the roster section, let me know.

  20. We have confirmed with Gary that there are many places to get a small muffin etc. close to hotel. Louise & I are checking on transport from airport to hotel today. We will post info. Louise & Terry

  21. When I made hotel reservations for the reunion they told me
    that they had a shuttle from the airport. Didn’t ask about

  22. Checked out hotel for reunion and found out have to get taxi from airport witch is 60.00 one way and they do not give you breakfast unless you pay 21.95 per person. sounds like a very expensive stay.

    1. Gary:

      I do not think this is correct. I will bring this to the attention to the host Terry Roberts.

  23. Wow thats crazy BC when I mentioned a Sammy Johnson he thought about a big black guy named Johnson but couldnt think of his first name. He called him big j and my dad was little j

    1. Blake, Ask your dad if he remembers Captain Hamm. I think he was the CO in 68. He was a good CO. His wife was at the last 196 reunion. He pasted away a few years ago.

        1. Blake, I was there through October 68 but your dad’s name doesn’t ring a bell. Does he remember any of our CO’s, platoon leaders, or anyone he served with? I was in 1st platoon. The only Johnson I remember was a guy named Sammy Johnson from Alabama, I think.

          1. Well see we live in Alabama and he always talks about victor spotts being his point man but if I asked I’m sure he’d tell me names. I’ll ask if he recognizes ur name

  24. Hello veterans thank you for your service first of all! I’m here because I’m very curious and really wanting to find guys from the 196th lib from 1968 my dad and also my hero who is still alive, Dale Johnson was infantry squad leader in 1968 and I’d like to know if anybody knows the name!

  25. RIP our fallen brothers on this 150th Anniversary of Memorial Day! You are always in our hearts and minds and your name is spoken often. Love you brothers!

  26. As I reflect on our brothers who died in combat, I see their youthful faces denied the opportunity to grow old and experience all that we more fortunate ones have. Their sacrifice of the last full measure of devotion shall not be taken lightly. We who know them, love them. As long as ONE of us lives, they live too. Semper Primus to our beloved fallen.

    1. Well said Ty. This day and Veterans Day gets harder for me every year. It seems like a dream or nightmare I was there and came home. Only a “Grunt” knows what it is like regardless of what war they fought in. Brothers in blood, sweat, & tears.

  27. Let me remember the 4 who died while I was with Charlie Co between late Nov. 1970 and August 17, 1971.

    KIA–Jan. 11, 1971
    SSG Leo Rose
    SP/4 Allan Gray

    KIA–May 1, 1971
    SP-4 James Stout

    Suicide–March, 1971
    “Memphis” I don’t even remember his real name.

  28. Sometimes I get a reunion notices back that say deceased. This year I did not get a deceased letter back. But I did get a nice card from Maxine Campbell, wife of Patrick Campbell. She stated that Pat passed away on February 10, 2015. She said that Pat was proud to be a member of Charlie Company. He is in inurnment at Willamette National Cemetery in Portland, OR.

    Pat was one of the “originals” that went over on a ship. He was the very first “first sgts” of the company. I met him at 196th reunion in July, 2007. RIP brother!

  29. I have 273 guy’s names and contact information for guys that served in Charlie Company. I send out reunion notice letters or emails to everyone each year. I always get some letters back as unable to forward. When I get these letters back, I try and call and see if I can get the current address. Sometimes this works and I get new addresses that I update on the web site. Most of the time, I get a phone disconnected message. The search program that I used for years has gone out of business and I just have not found a good search program that does not cost a lot to use. This year so far I have gotten back the notices as unable to deliver on Rahl Robles, Paul Critchlow and Jack Glozier. Has anyone kept in contact with these guys and have current contact information?

  30. In Memory of the seven who gave their all during my tour and all the men & women who have allowed me the freedom to type this.
    Jungle Warriors
    Killed in Action
    Republic of Vietnam
    11/8/1968 – 11/23/1969
    Company C, 2/1, 196th Light Infantry Brigade
    Americal Division

    November 12, 1968
    Doyle Sallee, Lafayette, IN

    March 21, 1969
    Alan Bernstein, Flushing, NY

    March 22, 1969
    Donald Alexander, Socorro, NM

    June 10, 1969
    John North, Germantown, WI

    August 18, 1968
    Rodney Engle, Doniphan, NE

    August 19, 1969
    Timothy Mohler, Quenemo, KS

    Lawrence Detwiler, Phoenixville, PA
    August 22, 1969

  31. Lyrics to “Mansions of the Lord” hymn are by Randall Wallace from the film “We Were Soldiers Once”.

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