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4,005 thoughts on “Discussion”

  1. My wife and I had a very pleasant and enjoyable late lunch with Ben and Marylin Buehler in Durant, OK yesterday. They were down here for a family reunion, so we got together for a few too short hours.

    It’s always fun to visit with our brothers and sisters.

    1. Check to make sure you’ve got the right radio. You may have a PRC-77 and been listening in on the battalion net instead of the company net.

  2. I just talked to Ray Johnson and he said he is going to get his room booked for the reunion. He said he had car problems last year and was unable to attend the 2014 reunion. He finally retired several months ago and is enjoying retirement.

  3. Hey Brothers, this is who has signed up so far. August 10th, is the last day for this reduced rate so if anyone is on the fence, get off of it and make your reservation. Minnesota is wonderful in the fall and we will have a great time.
    I am waiting for a few people to get back to me and then I plan on posting an itinerary so that you can make plans of what you want to do in your free time.
    Questions? Call or email me at scanfam47@comcast.net or 763.226.4046
    ~Tom Scanlon

    List of registered members of Charlie Company as of July 6, 2015
    Buehler, Ben and Marilyn
    Cook Greg and Jan
    Davis, Ed and Marie
    Evans, Gary and Tressa
    Fryman Carl and Linda
    Harper, Larry and Judy
    Passe, Fred and Alice
    Roberts, Terry and Louise
    Ruesch, Ken and Tai
    Scanlon, Tom and DeDe
    Searight, Walt
    Silva, Dennis
    Sipps, Tom and Linda
    St George, Robert and Nancy
    Stueve, Clifford and Kathy
    Van Aulen, Ted and Karen

  4. Larry…They say one shot of liquor is equivalent to one can of beer….so a fifth would be about 25 beers….that really wouldn’t hurt you if you spaced it out over 8-10 hours or so……Chuck…..That’s my kind of vehicle (with a designated driver , of course).

  5. I got a nice donation for the web site expenses from brother LT Ken Ruesch, thanks a lot!

    How many beers does it take to equal a fifth on the fourth?

  6. Bill…… I’ll keep that in mind while I am running around in my Hot Rod. You would like it. It has a four on the floor with a fifth under the seat. (I couldn’t help myself)

  7. Unsolicited advice for those of you that will be celebrating Independence Day by indulging in a few libations…….Don’t drink over a fifth on the Fourth or you may not come forth on the Fifth……..God Bless America…..Bill

  8. Sorry LT, havn’t been around for awhile but I want to say thanks for the offer but it just rains too much back there for me!

  9. Hey Terry,
    Come back to Chicago if you want cool. We have been awfully wet with temps this next 7 days not expected to be out of the 70s. Sounds a little like Seattle doesn’t it?

  10. Obviously Short Round fired off another short round because nobody has crawled out of their foxholes for awhile. Anybody else hot and uncomfortable out there? It’s pretty warm for Seattle! And gonna get warmer. Wish I was in Creede, it’s gotta be cooler up there!

    1. I wished I was in Creede, CO. right now. I am back in Walsh, CO. We got a heavy hail damage to on our corn crop so I had to come home to help with the replant. It is also wheat harvest time. Maybe in a couple of days I will get to head back to Creede.

  11. lt TY–and thanks to you for leading us on 4 may of 70. leaders lead by example and you sure did.
    DO NOT believe what any old grunt from HAWAII says about me. his mind degenerated long ago.

  12. got off my dead butt and made reservation for reunion.
    me and rocky got stache off his dead butt and he filed a claim–only 45 yrs later. we all know grunts can be a bit slow, specially humping uphill during monsoons. still–45 is a few tads too slow.
    if rex reads this–DO NOT believe larry if he says anything that i said. hump on brother grunts–s.r.

  13. What a great time with Larry&Judy we had a great 4wheeler ride good food good beer and Laary&Judy treated us like family maybe better. They have a nice place and the campground is very nice if you ever have a chance to visit you will not regret going. I want to thank both of you for such a good time and hope to see you in SEP.

    Gary&Tressa Evans

  14. Gary and Tressa Evans came to visit us in Creede, CO day before yesterday. We have been having a blast doing four wheeler rides in the mountains. The trails we ride are still blocked by snow. Today we was only able to get about half of a trail ride in before the snow stopped us at 12,150 foot elevation.

    Gary, thanks for the nice donation for the web site today.

    Is everyone on radio silence again? I sent Tom Scanlon a email on the city tour, but have not seen anyone else post anything about being interested in doing the tour.

  15. I got some horrible news today:


    David “Van” Sweatman had tragic accident and passed Friday night, 6/12/2015.

    His funeral is today.

    1. Sorry to hear about the loss of another one of my Platoon in Vietnam. 2nd Platoon and all your other C/2/1 brothers will miss you! RIP

  16. Hi Guys,
    I’m wondering if those coming to the 2015 Reunion in Minneapolis would like to take a 4-5 hour tour of the Twin Cities. I could rent a tour bus, I already have a professor from the University of Minnesota that would provide the history and highlights, and we could stop at the Mill City Museum for quick history of Minneapolis. The cost would be about $25.00-$30.00 and include the admission to the Mill City Museum. Now I’m guessing. I really need to have 50-56 people to fill a small tour bus or if more would want to do this we could get a bigger bus. What I need to know is there an interest? The tour would catch about 70% Trip Advisors top 30 things to do in each city. Here comes the catch, I need to reserve the bus to make it do able by July 1st. This would be Friday, September I’m thinking about 11-4PM or 12-5PM. Let me know your thoughts and ideas. Thanks Tom

  17. I got a great surprise call last night from Gary Evans. He is in Santa Fe, NM now and will stop by and see Judy and I at our summer playground in Creede, CO. We are really looking forward to them getting here Wednesday. It has been wet and cool here at 9,000 foot in the mountains of Colorado.

  18. Hi Chuck…..After I got wounded I spent a couple of months in St Albans Navy Hospital in Queens NY. Then I got assigned to Ft Lewis for a year. Eventually I volunteered for a two week Military Police training….I lived off post in a house with 5 other infantry turned police guys……Lots of weed and acid….I am lucky I made it out with an Honorable Discharge

  19. 45 years ago today I got my discharge out of the service up in Ft. Lewis. a few days before that that I was in the field. I flew back to Hawk Hill, took care of exit details there, saw Doc Capone at the 23rd med, got a phone call on the land line at the Charlie 21 bunker. It was a buddy from the neighborhood who was a Remf someplace in country. what are the odds of getting a phone call and to be in the rear near the bunker to receive it. I went to Chu Lai and then to Cam Ranh to fly home. Ft. Lewis issued me a complete set of class A’s including overcoat because you had to be in class A’s to discharge. what a waste.

  20. Reservations and air flights to Minneapolis done and done! Right in the middle of hot time salmon fishing season here in Seattle. I must like seeing you guys alot!

  21. Jim Armstrong, just wanna let you know that Wendolowski, Wormdahl and Matson , Charlie Co. originals, were remembered at American Legion Post 275 in Dallas Tx. There would have been one other, but I just can’t remember his name. He was real close to Bethea.

  22. Hey Tooch. On the property tax thing. This is just a guess but if you don’t get anywhere, maybe try DAV. They were enormously helpful to me in NY getting my disability increased. Tons of papers, power of attorney, etc. that they di for me to cut the red tape.
    Good luck.

  23. Hey Guys,
    I sent an email off today to Pancho who lives in Houston. I haven’t heard back from him but pray to God our brother and his family are alright!

    1. I just received an email from Pancho and all is well as he lives on the East side of Houston and the flooding was predominately on the West side of town. He plans to be in Bloomington in Sep but not sure his “daughter” will be there with him.

  24. Mark: Do a search for “State veterans benefits.” Military.com has a state by state list on which NJ has a nice bunch.

    Today the 196ers from Fort Devens who were killed in the early days of the war are on my mind.
    I knew so many of them and they stay so young in my mind as I get older.
    I have tried to honor them over the almost fifty years since their loss by working to end that war, then later ones and now trying to stop future ones.

  25. Hi guys, after going thru the V.A. web site, and getting nowhere, can someone help me with info on property tax benefit per state when veteran is at 100%. Here in New Jersey, property tax is waived completely

  26. “Happy” is a word I personally cannot use on this weekend so instead I think of Joy, Peace and Love to those we miss and to our surviving brothers carry on their memories with pride.

    1. I’m with you on that. Happy isn’t the right word.

      And, neither is Memorial Day an appropriate time to remember dead police, firefighters, first responders and passed family members.

  27. On the eve of Memorial Day I want to say RIP to our fallen brothers and to all the others who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country!

  28. A quick trip to Mt. Morris-Oregon IL. for the scholarship memorial for Doc Rimmer with LT and Ben. That he was loved deeply by his classmates is obvious. We were treated like royalty and I revere every minute of my time there. If given the opportunity I would hope any member of our Co. would go there for a good memory. Thanks to LT and Tai for having me, once again

  29. Heading for Chicago tomorrow to meet with LT for the annual scholarship memorial for our medic KIA Rimmer put on by his high school classmates, Quite the honor speaking to the love they had for this man. I am honored to help represent our company at this function as well as being with my brothers there.

  30. Hi , guys. Reservations done. Flight reservations done. Looking forward to seeing everyone Tooch

  31. Yes a scam. Tried to get an e-mail out once I knew! Will be changing e-mail address in next couple of days for this and other reasons. Will change it on the roster.

  32. 4 May 1970
    In memory of Stephen Emery, Armando Luna and Doc James Rimmer. Rest in peace. My personal thanks to Greg Cook, Russ Schwiezer and the other heroes who unhesitantly when to assist 3rd Platoon. You guys are the greatest.

  33. Bill Beckum,
    I received an email today from Pat Beckum saying her sister was desperately ill in the Ukraine and she needed $3000 to save her life. I assumed a scam so I deleted.

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