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3,940 thoughts on “Discussion”

  1. Several months ago I saw an article in our paper about a local high school which has an “Honor Bus”. They take applications from WWII, Korean, and Vietnam vets. They take the vets on a bus to D.C. to see all three memorials as well as the changing of the Guard at Arlington. You have breakfast, box lunch, and an honor dinner upon your return. The drive to D.C. is about two hours. They even provide a guardian to assist the WWII and Korean vets. There funds are raised through donations from businesses and individuals. They are celebrating our service.
    Well I applied and going this Sunday. Although I have seen the monuments several times in my life I thought it would be good for me to see with other vets since I could not make the D.C. reunion. I still have demons to face.
    My Uncle who is a WWII vet did this a couple of years ago. They flew a group from Louisville to D.C. spent the day and flew them home. He had a guardian. He talked about it until his death last October.
    Has anyone else gone on these?

    1. Bill, I haven’t done this, but I just wanted to comment about what a fabulous program that is. Have fun and be (Army) Strong. Easy for me to say…….I was telling my kids the other night about the first time I visited the Vietnam Memorial, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. All the Best !!

  2. Darn, LT I was going to get on the web site and wish you happy birthday, but you beat me to it. I have a couple of belated happy birthday wishes to Lou LaParl on the 6th and one to Tyler Harper on the 7th. I am getting ready to travel to California with Wally Searight this week, so I have a couple of early happy birthday wishes for Ed Davis on tax day the 15th and to Dennis Silva on the 24th. I will be at Dennis’s on his birthday.

  3. Hey LT….Now you can officially join Old Timers Anonymous…..You know their motto……God grant me the senility to forget the people I don’t like…to hang out with the people I do like….and the eyesight to know the difference.

  4. Happy birthday, LT…I hope you have many more……Bill Beckum……You have got me confused with Bruce Jenner…..Terry…. a wedding dress with a fish print?…..Maybe Bill would wear one just for the halibut.

  5. Oh, guarenteed Bill will like it, especially if it comes in a fish print with a bonus prize of good bourbon to chase it with!

  6. Terry,
    Does this dress make my hips look big? Does it show to much
    cleavage? I want Bill Connell to like it!

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  8. April 3rd. Went to a Billy Joel concert at Madison Square Garden. Awesome. My daughter had given us tickets for Christmas. Also, at my mother’s I realized that April 3 is a pretty good day for me. She has a note-handwritten in her left hand because after three strokes she can’t write with he r right hand anymore. It says “April 3, 1970. The day Jimmy came home from Vietnam. The happiest day of my life.” She keeps that where she can see it as a reminder. Feels pretty good when I see it too.

  9. Yesterday afternoon was sunny and over 60 degrees here in Albany…….so I got my fishing rod and headed out with my wife to a nearby lake that has a fishing pier……..Hard to believe, but the lake was still frozen! I guess I will have to wait a couple of weeks….. Best wishes for a holy Good Friday and a Happy Easter.

  10. Hey Larry,
    The other day when it was kind of nice here I had a flashback to the smell of beef brisket cooking on a Green Egg grill and the beautiful Colorado sunset on the Rio Grande. That was a really great time and wish it wasn’t so darn far or I might impose on you and Judy again.

    1. That was a great time. You forgot what you bragged on the most, the best bacon you ever ate. You guys are welcome anytime as well as any of my Nam brothers!

      1. Brother Larry,
        You are absolutely right it was the thick cut bacon while viewing the sunrise over the Rio Grande. The mountain air made everything just right.

  11. Russ,
    If you are coming to the Ed Rimmer scholarship presentation on 19 May and would like to spend the night I have a reservation on a large cabin in White Pines state park. Let me know at my email address of kennethrueschatsbcglobal.net and I will set you up. Terry Roberts is coming in from Seattle to attend with us.

  12. I just hooked up and read some of the notes. As you know tears came. I know lot of us are gone but it is great to read your notes. I am doing OK and getting my boat ready for fishing. We had a cold winter in Minn. I was in Charlie Company from June69-June 70.

    1. Fred
      Good to hear from you I think you’ll enjoy all comments on the website. Hope to see you at the reunion in September.

      1. We will be their. Do you have a count so far who will be coming? If you need any help and if we can let me know.Take Care.

    2. Fred Passe,
      Good God Fred did you finally get a computer or did someone help you. How’s things in beautiful Wabashaw? Hope you join us in Bloomington in September.

    3. Fred,
      Do you really have summer in Minn? Oh, that is right, You have one day of summer on July 15th. Be there on that day or miss it.
      Good to hear from you!

  13. I don’t mean to start something, but I’ve got a question.

    Since our pictures were moved to that off-site storage, they’re for sale. Somebody can buy any of our pictures individually or the whole bunch of them.

    Does any of that money come back to me or this website?

    1. Having the photos listed for sale wasn’t intentional. The service they are now hosted on is primarily intended for commercial photographers but meets a bunch of needs (including storing them in several different places so that they don’t disappear if a hard drive fails somewhere). When I moved the photos over the “Shopping Cart” option was enabled by default on every gallery.

      Anyway, it was just an option I had to disable on all of the galleries. Let me know if you come across any galleries where you can still use a shopping cart.

  14. Larry.
    You forgot to mention our KCS Hoang who lost his leg on the first one and just one minor correction SFC Walden was the PSGT.

  15. Hard to believe it was 45 years ago……I was on the first dust-off and I remember how quick it was they got us to the hospital in Chu Lai ….seemed like only an hour after getting hit…..Many thanks are due to the Medevac pilot and crew as well as the medics and guys who loaded us on the helicopter…….RIP all the deceased.

    1. I cannot believe we set up a NDP around a booby trapped area. At about 6 p.m. 2nd platoon leader SFC David Walden was killed when he sat on a booby trap which also wounded John Pearson, Bill Connell and Eduardo Martinez.

      We got them all dusted off and just a few minutes later, Sgt Wayne Peagler, a forward observer and GA our interpreter were killed when a bouncing betty was set off at about 7 p.m. Wounded in the second incident was Dan McKinney, Sidney Silverman (Top), Charles Dunn, Laflame (Peagler’s RTO), Bill Descoteau (a medic), Steven McColley (a medic), Mitch Kotula, Dave Dixon, Delmar Jensen, Gary King and Tom Geoghegan.

      I also cannot believe that two of our three of our medics were wounded that day. Our medics were great, but they got wounded or killed at a very high rate compared to the other companies.

      Rest in peace SFC David Walden and Sgt Wayne Peagler.

      1. I’m confused on the dates and events a bit here……ya, I know, big surprise 45 years, and a few blivets of elixer later. But I remember Tom Geoghegan came into our squad (1st plt) a month or two earlier. We nicknamed him ‘slim’, but when he began to hump the pig, we changed it to ‘turtle’.
        I went on R&R to Japan in March and I came back to visit him and Hoang, and others in the hospital in Chu Lai. SR took over our squad, and he got hit also, as I recall.
        But I think that what LT calls booby trap hill was another operation. Because I will never forget where a particular commanding officer laagered us. (I won’t mention any names to protect the innocent, and the web site). Against what we thought to be military common sense. We lost Ga that day, whom I’m pretty sure was attached to our platoon at some point. And I remember Johnny Pearson got hit, and many others; the CP (area) was booby trapped heavily.
        I cannot confirm the dates of each of these incidents, but I think I’ve written about the latter previously, and discussed it with Ben and others at some point.
        That laager site with all the bouncing Betty’s was the perfect place for a company to setup, and late in the day it was a gift to us grunts. Trenches were dug; they were deep and continuous WW1 type. There was a hardened clay/terra cotta surface, and we couldn’t dig if we wanted to. Just perfect…….but the enlisted men and veterans knew otherwise. Too F’in good to be good. And we followed our orders. We dragged the trenches for booby traps. And I will say again that they were perfect, but knew we could not use them. Arty gave us lume, and Spooky laid down a curtain around our perimeter a good part of the night and we had virtually no cover where we setup on the deck. Yes, one of those memorable operations.
        Sorry, the only date I’m really clear on is May 4.

        1. Hey Russ,
          I don’t know if we ever named that God forsaken hill but I just through out the name Booby Trap Hill. The Ed Rimmer award presentation is May 19 at 6:30 at Oregon High School.

          1. Hey Ken, booby trap hill describes it as well as I can remember. But I also remember some talk of it being an old French base years earlier. That always made a lot of sense to me because somebody spent a lot of effort to build it.
            I would enjoy visiting the Rimmer memorial again. It was a very moving night; a great memorial, and now a fabulous enduring benefit for the community. And hat’s off to Ben for making that happen.

    2. A truly sad day for us in 1970. I was XO then and met you guys on the helipad for dust off. My deepest regret goes out for those wounded and, of course, our dead. This was part of a hellish chapter for Charlie Company. I salute all of you WIA and KIA that day. Semper Primus.

  16. There is some good stuff on PBS. Tonight was folk music from the 60’s – many war protest songs. I could almost see myself in the audience. I remember going to see those groups and sitting in the “coffee houses”. We knew the war was coming for some of us. Hoping it would not be me or the war would end before I got there. We all here experienced the same fate and here we are today. There are some things I wish I could have changed, but at this point in life, I am proud of my service and so thankful to have all my brothers here as friends.

    Saturday, Bill and Sharon Clark and Marilyn and I were at the Marathon, Florida Seafood Festival. We were eating lunch and saw Dwight and Dona Rose at the next table. Bill, Dwight and I
    were in the same platoon at the same time. That coincidence would have happened unknown to us if not for Larry Harper making the effort to find us and creating this website.
    We spent some time together and rehashed the ambush of Jan 9-13, 1970. Dwight had some perspectives I had never heard. Thanks again Larry Harper.

    1. It’s sometimes a really small world. I have had some crazy things like that happen to me also. I am more than happy to put in all the things to bring Charlie Company guys together. It’s really nice to be appreciated.

  17. Was doing some research on conceal carry permits and ran on this address to Vietnam Nam Vets and wanted to share it with you …It a long read(14 pages)but if you read it thru …I think it may make most of you feel appreciated for your sacrifices .To read it go to….Sheriffs Office County of Siskiyou California…Then go down to resource center and click on…Sheriff Lopey’s Vietnam Memorial Speech

  18. dang hi-tech stuff. got dropped for 20 push-ups for not writing.ain`t as easy as used to be,
    any had shingles ? i did. MAKE SURE to get the vaccine. ain`t as bad as an uphill hump with a full ruck, but will get your attention.
    keeping busy here–as usual, too many weeds and house stuff. will drive east in a bit and summer there.
    wally–only hitting 90 now–nice and sunny
    16 march 70 we hit those booby traps on a hill. last time we saw some brother grunts.

  19. Bill, this sounds like a serious affliction, must mean you didn’t need to know what you were looking up. Could this disease you have be related to the syndrome I have called fishinitis?

  20. I am suffering from a new and serious condition called “Googleheimer’s”…..It happens when I need to look something up on the computer……and then I forget what it was I was going to look up!

    1. LOL
      It was happening to me just as I opened this page.
      I have little notes all over my computer table with topics needing searches.

  21. Hey Mr, Connell,
    Chicago just made it through the coldest Feb on record and the 3rd Snowiest on record. Supposed to see 50’s at the end of next week!

    1. LT……Albany averaged a couple of degrees colder than Chicago…..not that that is something to brag about……Hey if any of you guys have Netflix……there is a movie they have called “Platoon Leader” about a West Point LT and 173 Airborne…..Not for those with PTSD…..Movie is not great, but not too bad either.

  22. Albany NY had the second coldest February in recorded history averaging 12.6 degrees with many nights below zero……Snow is still on the ground but the temps are supposed to hit the high thirties in the next few days…..Spring is almost here…..It will be nice to turn down the heat which is costing an arm and a leg.

  23. It snowed again here in northern New Jersey. The piles of snow in front of and back of my car have reached 8 feet. Tooch

  24. No complaints here near Seattle where we’ve had no rain (really!) for a week and heating up to the high 50’s. Think I’ll stay here.

  25. Larry….. Weather here in Arizona is mid 70’s and sunny. Who in their right mind would not want to be here. Good luck with that Artic weather……

  26. I can’t believe I move from Florida to Pennsylvania 3 1/2 years ago after I retired to be close to my grand kids. Must have been too many blows to the head and too much heat during my tour!

  27. It’s a little nippley here in Colorado. We are not supposed to get above freezing and we are supposed to get some snow today. It would be a good time to be down in warm Arizona. The last I knew, Doc Capone up in Providence, RI had snow up to his chin and snow was still falling.

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  29. On a happier note, love the new website Larry! I’ve been out of action. Broke my neck, and crushed my foot wrecking my motor scooter down in Arkansas. I am back to walking and talking again :). Even got a new bike.

    1. What an odd occurrence on the 26th is in my life. He was the last Charlie Company brother killed in action and he was killed on my birthday on February 26th. I was also drafted on my birthday, yes, February 26, 1969. I left the field from Charlie Company on the 26th of July, 1970. The last guy I knew that was killed in action, Dwight O’Brien was killed on my father’s birthday, August 26, 1970. My son Brandon was born on the 26th of November. I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado on May 26th. My brother Wayne died last month on January 26th. Wow!
      Rest in peace, my brother.

      1. That’s 7 things which happened on the 26th, only 2 of which could be described as good. That’s a 71% chance that something bad is going to happen around you on the 26th.

        I love you Brother, but if we ever have a reunion on the 26th and you’re there, I’m not coming. It wouldn’t be worth the risk. LOL

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