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  1. Bill Connell says

    R.I.P. Bob Garvin………Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  2. Gary Capshaw says

    The arrangements for Garvin’s funeral have been made. The services will be held at the Brown-Oglesby funeral home at 101 E. North 2nd St, Seneca, SC. Family night will be Sunday, Nov. 30th from 3-5 PM. Services will be Monday, Dec. 1st at 11AM. Burial will be in the Veteran’s cemetery in Anderson, SC.

    We will send flowers in the name of the whole group.

  3. Terry Roberts says

    Hey SR, got word today I don’t have to cook the turkey,peel the potatoes or make the gravy! But, since none of the above is my responsibility my past professional experience has made me pots and pans KP eligible! Just no way possible to escape our history! To all my Brothers be safe, eat lots of turkey and pumpkin pie and stay the heck away from Black Friday!

  4. Rick Lowell says

    I wish all my Grunt Brothers, and your families, a very happy Thanksgiving. I, for one, am thankful for having this website to go to and read and participate in discussion, with you all!
    It makes my day, day in and day out.

  5. Clay Sniff says

    Gary, the name Bob Garvin is very familiar to me but I can’t put a face or a function to him. What platoon was he in?

    • Gary Capshaw says

      Garvin was in 2nd platoon. He was short and blonde headed.

  6. Gary Capshaw says

    Received word today that Robert Garvin passed away this morning. Bob served with us in 70 and 71. No arrangements have been made yet.

  7. LT says

    Chuck and Russ: You too old farts wouldn’t last a night in Bangkok!

    Carl: Count me in on the peaches and pound cake


  8. Chuck Missar says

    Sounds like a road trip Russ…..

  9. Chuck Missar says

    That is a question that would require a lot of time to answer as well as a lot of cocktails/beers. Of course this conversation would have to be held in a secure location such as Bangkok Thailand.. Gimmie a shout when you are ready to roll….
    This old body of mine could not take what I would like to put it thru but that would be a cool week or 5 trying……

    while I am on here, are you out there TOP? have not heard from you in quite some time. I’m still surviving on my “Peaches and Pound Cake”. Please post and let us know you are OK.

    • Russ Schweizer says

      OK Chuck, I think I can be persuaded to join a mission to Bangkok to discuss a national defense oak leaf remf cluster medal that can also be given for viet nam era service. What are you doing next Tuesday.? Gotta give Rocky and Roger a call to help.

    • Carl Fryman says

      Just finished a night snack of pound cake and peaches. Maybe the best thing I got from Nam except for ME!!!!

  10. Chuck Missar says

    Did it have a “V” device or an oak leaf cluster on it?

    • Gary Capshaw says

      LOL I didn’t notice, but I’ll watch for him again and report back if I run across him.

    • Russ Schweizer says

      Chuck…….an oak leaf cluster on a nation defense service medal means 2 tours as a REMF…? or just meritorious REMF service..?

  11. Gary Capshaw says

    Funny you should ask that, LT. I just saw a guy at Walmart today wearing a Veteran’s baseball cap with…..get ready for it….with the National Defense Service Medal embroidered on it! No CIB, no jump wings, no combat service ribbons. Just a full sized representation of that yellow and red ribbon they tossed to you out of shoe box in basic training.

    I guess for those who don’t know any better, it looks pretty impressive. For those like me, though, it causes a WTF moment.

  12. mark tucciarone says

    Larry,I always cause a ruckus when I talk about remf’s; and love doing it. I also have very strong debates with my two therapists regarding my insistence that ptsd for grunts is different than everyone else. Another thing; boots on the ground has no meaning when it comes to most Americans. They think everyone fights.

  13. LT says

    Hey Larry,
    Illinois is so stupid that they have a Vietnam Era License plate. I hate that term. It’s like who the hell is going to Medals of America and buy a hat with Cold War Veteran on it. Bone chilling cold in the Chicago area!

  14. Larry Harper says

    I caused a ruckus a few years past on my thoughts on REMF’s, so lesson learned. However, it still irks me that there is this guy that is two years my junior that was drafted in 1972 and was a cook. He never left the continental United States. He is a member of our local American Legion. He always says he is a Viet Nam “era” veteran. He kind of mumbles the era part or does not say it at all. I would guess that about 99% of the public thinks that a Viet Nam veteran had boots on the ground and do not know the difference in a boots on the ground and an “era” Veteran. I asked him one day about being a Viet Nam vet and he said he is a Viet Nam “Era” vet because he served during the time period when the United States was in combat in Viet Nam.

  15. Chuck Missar says

    A short story of interest. One of my buddy’s sons is a colonel in the Marines and just got transferred to Hawaii. He has a clip on his Facebook of the kids playing in the yard. All of a sudden a bugle starts play in the distance as they retire the colors for the night. All of the little kids drop whatever they are doing or playing with and face the direction of the bugle and stand still until it is over. Once the sound stops the kids resume their play. It was amazing to watch.

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