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  1. One Solitary Life. He was born in an obscure village, the child of a peasant woman. He worked in a carpentry shop until he was thirty, and then for three years he was an itinerant preacher. When the tide that popular opinion turned against him, his friends ran away. He was turned over to his enemies. He was tried and convicted. He was nailed upon a cross between two thieves. When he was dead, he was laid in a borrowed grave. He never wrote a book. He never held an office. He never owned a home. He never went to college. He never traveled more than two hundred miles from the place where he was born. He never did one of the things that usually accompanies greatness. Yet all the armies that ever marched, and all the governments that ever sat, and all the King’s that ever reigned, had not affected life upon this earth as powerfully as that One Solitary Life.
    Merry Christmas to all!

    1. I could not find out much on line, Touch. Can you contact Cliff Stueve? He lives near there and is the one putting on the reunion.

  2. I emailed reunion notices yesterday. If you did not get a reunion notice, it means that I do not have your correct email address. I got several email notices returned because the email address was no longer valid. If you have an email address change, please let me know.

    The reunion notice is also posted to this site under the reunion tab.

    1. Talked with LT tonight and talked about Branson. A little confused about the prices but no matter, I’m there with Louise.

  3. Can anyone tell me how to go about adding a photo of myself into the Roster Page? I am not stuck on myself, I just want all of you to see how young I still look. (At least to myself)
    Thanks, Rick

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all my brothers who served at LZ Hawkhill 69-70. It’s hard to believe that this was so many years ago.

  5. I want to wish all my brothers a happy Thanksgiving. We all have much to be thankful for. Families, friends and mostly , you all. I look at our website every day and enjoy it very much.

  6. Wally Searight came out and stayed with me for about a week and attended our annual pheasant hunt. We had a great time. Rex Allen missed his first hunt in about 10 years. By the way, thanks for the donation you left for the web site, Wally!

  7. I saw a good show on C-Span- 3 this morning where they interviewed Chuck Hegel and his brother, Tom .They volunteered to serve in the same outfit in RVN . They used to walk point together. Chuck was wounded twice and Tom three times. Happy Veteran’s Day to all my brothers!

  8. Before Bergdahl joined the Army, he was kicked out of the Coast Guard after 26 days….reportedly for psychological reasons…..He should not have been allowed into the Army, but the Army lowered their standards to get enough recruits for Iraq……I am OK with the no jail time decision.

      1. Bill, I am just saying that I think Bergdahl was not mentally or emotionally fit to be a soldier and the Army knew it and still accepted him.

      1. Jim, I listened to all of the testimony from the soldiers and leaders that were responsible to search for this POS.
        Having seen and heard all of this, I don’t believe justice was done.

    1. I saw an interview with the seal that shot Bin Laden. his unit was on that base when Bergdahl walked off. I have a gun safe full of justice that I would like to share with that trader……

  9. Have I missed a lot in the last three or four years??
    The last time I was on HH reunion site the reunion was always
    At fort Campbell ,ky
    I don’t remember names any more, just faces.
    I was thinking I would go to the 50th
    I live in New Mexico, I was B co 3/187 from 7-11-68 to 7-12-69
    Please get back with me. I would like to go to 50th

  10. Larry–to me,listing new member names would make things easier, rather than going down the member list looking for new names and trying to remember if that member is new or not.
    As usual a bit warm in AZ. Set a new record at 99 degrees a couple days back. Any one else having some difficulties trying to remember some things ? age 71 next month–how did this happen ?

    1. When using software programs they do not always have a way to make things easier. I just have to live with what I can do with the programs I use. There is no new button.

      I think we are all having old timers issues.

      1. Hi Larry. I tried to go to the roster but the password stuff that I had doesn’t work.
        cn you email me what I need and/or please give me Ty Harper’s email.
        Jim Intravia

    2. SR, I remember you guys constructed the burning match in a C-rat pound cake for my 21st birthday cake on some op in 70. OMG you were already the ripe old age of 23….. I will light up a pound cake in your honor. I can probably still get one on eBay….or Amazon. Happy 71 ole buddy !!

  11. Cliff and Kathy Stueve reported that they visited Branson, Mo. They have found a hotel for next year’s reunion. They selected the Radison hotel. They should have information available after the first of the year when everyone puts out their show schedules.

  12. Today, I finally got the roster section updated with newly found brothers. I also updated any address changes I had. I added photos of brothers if I had any updated photos.

    1. I intended to say if your are not on the roster section or your contact information is not correct, please let me know thru the contact button above.

  13. I have to tell you that our Branson days was nice but maybe I would have done it differently. The twon is very busy as someone said. As for old people, hate to say it but we have to look in the mirror-that’s us now!

    The Dolly Parton western show was really the kind of thing you would love to take kids to. The military weapons place was great but that’s only a few hours. They also have some kind of rolling boat thing that goes in the river (I think it was the old military DKW duck vehicles).

    There seems to be a lot of stuff there but I don’t really remember that much other stuff.

    Larry. Do I owe you money? I never heard anything from you on that subject.

    1. No one owes me any money. I do not know if you are talking about the past reunion or the 2018 reunion. The 2018 reunion is being planned by Cliff and Kathy Stueve and no money obligations have been incurred as far as I know. All the 2017 reunion bills have been paid.

  14. Our squad was quite lucky…. We would get Chateau Brion on every third week with some surf and turf or Chicago Hot Dogs in between. The Champaign was always iced and in abundance. Larry demanded ice cold Coors which was always on hand. Our desert menu switched most every day. Looking back, the food service we had was not bad at all.

    1. Our food service was flown and consisted of exotic dishes developed during WWII. I must say I have not dined like that since!

  15. I was in Branson a year or two ago for a 90mm reunion, about 8 of us. Anyhow, we went to the Dolly Parton thing (She’s not there-it’s a cowboy show) and to a Japanese violinist show (hard to explain and better than it sounds and quite patriotic). Also there is a military hardware/weapons museum which was great.

    for some reason, the only place that we conveniently found to buy cases of beer was Walmart and their fridge broke down. I brought back the warm cases and told the guys that in honor of the old days in the bush, I purposely bought warm beer. We enjoyed it as much as ever. Kind of did enjoy it even more that way. Am I weird? Nostalgia over those days?

    1. Warm beer is ok, but hot beer is not so ok. Our beer usually sat on the heli pad for hours before it went on the bird. But it would get cooled down if you carried it for awhile and was great.

      What did you think of Branson? Is it a good place for an army reunion?

      1. Yes for Branson! Several times we got ice in the field. A chunk about the size of your fist. That was living. Could trade one hot soda for 3 hot beers.

    2. I don’t remember ever getting beer in the bush but maybe once. We didn’t even get cokes very often. When we did, I’d bury them in a hole the length of my little shovel and let it cool overnight.

      Branson: The one time I went, I swore I’d never go back….and I haven’t. Too much traffic, too many old people and archaic, time-worn entertainment venues. I wasn’t impressed at all. But, that’s just me.

    1. Yes. Just be honest. Don’t try to snow them as they’re very good at picking up on that. As a combat Infantryman, you don’t have to make stuff up.

    2. One more thing. They’re not interested in hearing what happened to you during the war. They want to know how it’s affected you since then. Give them what they’re looking for and it should be a snap.

  16. The 35th Anniversary of The Wall in Washington, DC is coming up, along with Veterans Day. From the 7th of November to the 10th, all 58,000 names will be read by volunteers. I will be reading a block of 30 names which includes James R. Stout of Charlie Company who was KIA on May 2, 1971 on Nov. 10th at about 2130 hours. Lee Corman and William Furniss will be joining me. We will be in Washington from the 8th until the 11th. If anyone else would like to come join us, let me know and we’ll arrange a place for us all to meet. My contact information is in the members roster above.

  17. I want to inform my fellow Grunts that my wife (Kay) went home to be with our Lord this past Tuesday. It was unexpected but she now in heaven.

    Your prayers would be appreciated for us who are mourning our loss.

    1. Bill….I am so sorry for your loss. I will pray for you and your family. May God bless you and comfort you at this painful time and may your wife rest in peace until you meet her again.

  18. To Kim Gibson. I didn’t know the others but I know Toosh well enough to be 100% sure he was not insinuating anything bad. He, like many of us, has a sarcastic and tough sense of humor. Sometimes that doesn’t work but believe me, he meant no ill will.

  19. We have had the following responses for the 2018 reunion:
    01 Albany, NY
    01 New Orleans
    01 Denver, CO
    18 Branson, MO

    It looks like we will be in Branson, Mo in 2018. Cliff and Kathy Stueve has volunteered to host the reunion. Almost everyone agreed that the weekend after Labor Day works for them. We do have some that would like to see it at a different day, but the majority says the current date is great.

  20. Spoke with my dad got some more info he gave me some guy he served wit Capt. Thomas, Sgt. Donnelly, Woody was the sniper, Rodriguez, Don Ogden toward then End of his tour he had
    Lt. Kelly and Sgt Reynolds. He mainly worked around lz Ross and lz baldy and Cam’ron bay.

    1. I did not know your dad. I came in Nov 68 to LZ and went onto LZ Baldy. I was in Charlie Co in 2nd platoon 2nd squad. Capt Thompson was my Capt. I was a PFC. What rank was your dad?

  21. As I watched the Ken Burns video, I am reminded of all the others I have seen. He did not disappoint . As usual, the fighting after Hamburger Hill in 1969 was pretty much passed over . I understand that covering the protests was important; but what wasn’t said is the fact that 1969 was second in casualties. I think more time should have been spent on that. I am debating whether or not to continue watching. Tooch

  22. sad news> Ken Childers and his wife Joanne were all set to come to the reunion in Cleveland. but the doctors discovered a medical problem with Joanne. Sorry to have to say that Joanne has passed away. she will be missed by everyone who knew her. prayers for Ken and family.

    1. Sorry to hear about Sgt Childer’s wife. I would have loved to have seen him in Cleveland. At one time, I was his RTO when we were without a platoon leader.
      Hopefully, he can attend the Americal reunion next year in Oklahoma City.

  23. Hi guys I am reaching out for my dad he served December 68-69. 196 light infantry charlie 2/1. His name is Volney Phillips.

  24. Hi guys I am reaching out for my dad he served December 68-69. 196 light infantry charlie 2/1. His name is Volney Phillips. He is looking to reconnect with any one he served with.

  25. Great reunion. It was good to see Cap’t Morris. He was my second CO after Cap’t Yap. Kim… Smitty was in my squad and carried the M-60 machine gun until I took it away from him . He wouldn’t clean it, so I gave it to Tiny. Tell Hoot that he is not the only one with issues. I am in therapy 3 times a week and the VA has me on meds. If he came to one of these reunions, it might do him some good. Ask Mr. point man about the time he shot the dog; and I had to go and put the poor thing out of it’s misery. Maybe he feels guilty about that. Suck it up Hoot !!!!!

    1. Well Mr. Tucciarone/Tooch cant believe you commented in this manner, there are lots of things I could say to you but I wont because God would be upset with me, but the one thing I will say is all the things that you guys had to endure over there and you think that shooting a dog would cause Hoot to have his issues I don’t believe that for one minute, and also from some of the guys I have talked to he was a very good point man kept a lot of people alive, just so you will know he is a very good man even though he has a lot of issues and yes they stem from Vietnam, but I love him and don’t appreciate the way you are implying he is being a week man…I only got on this site to see if any of you would know anything about Smitty which was someone Hoot liked while he was there, I see you have issues with him also, so I will no longer be on the site but I do want to say to all you guys I do appreciate what you have done for this country and am honored to be married to one of them…

      1. Kim, my intent was not to show Hoot as a weak person. He certainly was not when I served with him. I was just trying to push him a bit ,so as to possibly changing his mind about going to one of the reunions, or commenting on this web site. Mark

    2. Mark tell me about Smithy. Want to know if he is the one knew. Describe him and do you know where he was from. Mark when did you arrive and leave. Thanks.

      1. Bill, I joined the company on May, 10,1969. I left the field to work in the rear in Jan. 1970; and left Vietnam on April 4th 1970. I don’t know where Smitty was from. He was a solid built African American. I think his tour was over about 2or3 months after I arrived. Mark

  26. I’ve been watching The Vietnam War on PBS. It is, by far, the best documentary on our war, the history and lead up and, I expect, it’s consequences, I’ve ever seen. It’s by Ken Burns who has done a number of other high quality documentaries on everything from WWII, jazz, baseball and The Dust Bowl.

    1. I seen that documentary advertised thought it would be good, but Hoot wont watch it…not sure about the rest of you guys but Hoot has real issues still today with the whole Vietnam War and the government, and just life in general….I am his wife I comment now and then…

  27. Someone (LT, Harper?? or someone else) said “what about the 90 man infantry?” I don’t understand the question. Asking if I was there? Yup.

    If this is Ty, I will take care of that thing we talked about. It may take a while.
    Just like my last name (Intravia) “90” and “Infantry” doesn’t get used by many other people. I feel sorry for all you “LTs” because you all have the same nickname!

      1. Ok LT Ruesch. Somehow, that message does not appear on my Charlie Grunts discussion. What was the question please.
        Thanks. It ws great talking with you the other night.

  28. Great reunion! Larry and Tom and their wives went way above and beyond. Good to see Bob Morris ( he could STILL kick my a##). Very humbling event to be presented with the plaque from you guys. It is the highlight of my Vietnam experience. I would rather have this magnificent plaque than the MOH! Truly an honor to receive. Semper Primus!

  29. I just looked at the photo tab and it has a few random photos on it, but we will have to move all the photos over to this new program soon. The photos have been moved to a service called SmugMug, which offers all kinds of ways to display and organize the photos, etc. I think we will also be able to do videos.

    I am not sure how to handle letting all of our Charlie Grunt brothers to be able to post. Hackers are all over the place and someone posted some porn stuff to our discussion board about two weeks ago. We do not want our photo section ruined by hackers and other low life’s that only want to destroy things.

  30. We had 43 guys attend the reunion. We had 6 new faces that we really enjoyed seeing. They were Don Bower, Anthony Cikovic, James Grace, Larry Jones, Bob Morris and Charles Zarobinski.

    The web site has been refreshed and you enter your discussion at the bottom of the page now. The photo section should be up again and we will be doing some great things here in the near future.

    Thanks everyone for the great time had by all at the reunion!

    1. Larry,
      I thought you had left Jim Intravia off the list but he said he was in Decataur in 06. As he said in his replay, you still have a perfect record

  31. I am so glad that I went to that reunion. I’ve been bragging about Captain Morris since 1969 and it was fantastic to meet him again. I felt like a kid at Christmas. And Larry Harper is Santa Claus. Fantastic job, Larry.
    It was great to meet everyone, the ones I knew back then, the ones who only almost figured me out when I said “90 guy” and the ones who I never met back then. We’re all brothers.

    Two requests for Larry. I had to leave and was not at the banquet. Let me know how much $$ to send you. And, I understand a plaque was presented to Captain Morris. Is there a picture of the plaque that I can see?

  32. I thought we had a great reunion. What a wonderful banquet meal the Crown Plaza prepared for us. If anyone has the group photo would you email it to me. I would like to forward it to Si Nerone and his son Marcus. He was unable to attend but sent me a great contribution for expenses.

  33. He could have been from GA but did not have a southern accent I would know as i grew up in KY could have been 21. Age did not mean anything then. I was in 2nd platoon 2nd squad. Know he made. It as rotated back to the world after I got there.

    1. Kim we had a guy in my squad 68-69 We called Smithy. He was Ny,Ny. he was a nice guy and built like ox and African American. Would this be him?

  34. good morning to you all, would anyone out there know anything about Harold Smith a comrade who was in Vietnam in 69 of course they called him Smitty he was in the 196th…

  35. Just FYI, Charles Surface (70-71) and his family live in the Houston area and they are fine. They had a couple of inches of water in the house, but it’s gone now. They still have power, running water and some food left, but they can’t get out an go anywhere yet.