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  1. Well, Brothers,
    Today is my last day at work. My retirement day has finally arrived and I’m very excited.
    I don’t have to answer to bosses anymore, wait……what’s that?…. Gotta go, my wife says I have to wash the cars. Hmmmmmmmm !!!!

    1. Russell:

      I have called that number several times. It is Ben’s number, but they never answer and a message says “they are unable to take voice mails, but try your call again at a later time”.

      1. That’s what I get to, maybe gone. By the way Top Secrest was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago, he was unable to attend the reunion in Wisconsin, He is home and recovering, so hopefully they will attend the next reunion.


  3. I got a letter back addressed to Ben Musquez. The phone number I have for him has been disconnected. Does anyone have any current information on Ben or know if anything has happened to him?

  4. I also got a letter back mailed to Charles Cosby. He lived in Lawton, OK. His phone numbers are not in service any more. I will be removing him from the roster as none of the contact information is correct.

  5. I am in the process of sending us postal letters on the upcoming reunion in September. I am getting some letters back as left no address, unable to forward or return to sender. When I get these letters back, I try to call and find out the new addresses. A lot of times the phone numbers are no longer any good. I feel that I should take these people out of our roster section since I do not have any current good contact information.

    A letter I got back was to Israel Valenzuela. Wally Searight and I were at the house address I had on him in April. There were neighbors that knew Ray, but had no idea of where he lives. I think we exhausted everything we know to try and find him. Does anyone have contact with him?

  6. Brothers,
    I guess everyone is on radio listening silence.
    I want to wish all the moms out there a happy mothers day.

  7. Wally Searight and I just got back from our annual walk about to see Nam brothers that we have not seen since Nam. We could not locate Israel “Ray” Valenzuela and Jesus “Chewy” Carrizales. We did everything we could think of to find these guys. Neither was at the address I have for them. We talked to neighbors, obtained information from the post office, and used the local phone book. We did all we could to find these guys. Since the address and phone numbers I have for them are now good, I will be removing their contact information from the roster.

    Does anyone have any new contact information on them?

  8. My son Brandon got the web site moved to a new host. The original hosting site did not keep up with updates and our site got too old and the software was not working. Now things are better. You can get on the roster section by using the password I have provided everyone. If you need a password, let me know and I will get you the password.

    Where you enter your discussion is at the bottom of the page. I will contact Brandon and have him move it back to the top of the page.

    1. Larry, The KIA’s still says that the file can’t be found. Is this just me or is everyone having the same trouble?

  9. Yes, happy Vietnam Veteran’s day. I do not think the public is aware of the day or the people that served.

  10. I made a mistake. Burkett was KIA on the same day, but he was from F troop. Walden and Peagler were from Charlie Co. There also was a scout named Ga from Charlie who was KIA on 3/16. There had to be at least 3 medevacs.

      1. Larry, Under the “Members” I am unable to get into the Killed in Action. All I get is a message saying the file no longer exist. Can you look into this? Is anyone else having this problem also?

  11. Back in Florida after my SKI vacation in the NE, lots of snow. My youngest grandson ask me what I did in the War? I thought about it and told him I was in “Population Reduction”! He smile and said “I got it, Cool!” Smart for a 10 year old.

  12. In memory of Don Alvis, Alfred Bliegh, Joe Conklin, Norbert Holzapfel, and Gerald Williams KIA this date at Lo Giang just outside of the DaNang Airbase in a battalion size firefight against 3rd Bn, 31st NVA Regiment, 2nd NVA Division. Altogether, 2/1 lost 12 men that day. Two from Alpha, 1 from Bravo, 5 from Charlie, and 4 from Delta. Fifty years ago today. Seems like just yesterday. I remember this firefight very vividly.

  13. A salute and a wish for you to RIP! Medics Kirby and Allen KIA on this date in 1970. My first experience of death in Vietnam!

    1. Greg, The next Kham Duc reunion is in Branson around the time as the Charlie Grunts Reunion. It’s in the same hotel. It is a few weeks before or after. I don’t know the date but if I find out I’ll post it here. I’m going to just the Charlie Grunts and skipping the Kham Duc Reunion.

  14. Carl–I went to the 1 reunion when the officer from Australia was there. think I also went to 1 before that. I remember P.R. HE is about my height. He shot the artillery piece til the N.V.A. blew it up. Very very lucky to get off that hill. I still have a pic of it.

    1. Greg, I remember you. You were in St. Louis at that reunion. They are having one this year at Branson, the same hotel
      that Charlie Grunts will be at. I’ll go to that one and the Americal Reunion in Oklahoma City and skip the Kham Duc Reunion.

  15. any 1 know where Larry Harper is ? Talked with Chuck Missar a bit ago today, He is still hospitalized out here and will be a bit longer. Several problems.

    1. SR, I answered your email. I am in Colorado at home and will be until probably June. I called Chuck Missar about a week ago and I thought he was getting out of the rehab place soon. More things must have happened.

      1. Hey Larry, What happened to the KIA’s file under members? When I try to open it, it says “File doesn’t exist.”

        1. Hi Carl, I served with you. Didn’t you get hit in the helmet and end up with a pretty bad headache ,Tom Grabowski from Delaware

          1. No Tom. That was Carl Myers. I remember that day though. We were in big firefight back near Laos off of LZ Buck. Sgt Hopkins got wounded and they got him out by tying a rope around him and pulling him up in a medvac. He was waving at everybody as they pulled him up. Tom, do you remember that firefight?

  16. carl–wasn`t KHAM DUC over run in MAYof 1968 ?
    We flew out there in mid July of 1970. Other companies were down on the airstrip area. We were on a hill 353 ? with a higher part behind it. A bit of a hump to there. Think that was the closer side to Laos–nearby river. Our hill had a KIA body from 68—blown bunker. Cpt Harper would know if more were there. We even had a Catholic priest fly out and say a mass. Turns out Echo company needed it more than us.

    1. Greg, We had been up north at Phu Bai and up to Camp Evans while Khe Sanh and Hue was going on. The 1st Cav was trying to open Route 9 to Khe Sanh and 101st was over near Laos after Russian T-54 tanks. The 2/1 flew up there to take over the AO’s of the 101st and 1st Cav. The 3/21 went to the DMZ and nearly got over run by an NVA Division. We left Phu Bai on the 10th of May and flew to Kham Duc. We were under constant mortar fire from the time we got there. The 3/82 lost all but 6 guys from their 105s. It all went down on May 12th. It started about 3 in the morning and went until everyone got out. I saw choppers, fighter jets, and C123 and C130’s shot down. Never saw anything like that my whole year there. I was on the last C130 out of there and parts of base were in NVA control. There are so many stories that came out of there. In 2014 there was a Kham Duc reunion in St Louis that I attended. There is one in Branson either just before the Charlie Grunts of just after at the same hotel but I’m not going. I’ll be at the Charlie Grunts but not the Kham Duc.

  17. 2018 begins 50 years since my great adventure in joining the Army in April and going to Vietnam. I will give you snippets of the year as the year progresses.

    On January 27, 1968 I graduated from the University of Louisville with a BS in Commerce. I was 22 and been married for 1 1/2 years. I was only the 2nd one in my family to graduate from college. Having graduated HS in May 1964 Vietnam the war was just starting its build up. I was going to beat the draft by going to college knowing full well it would be over by June, 1968. I actually graduated in 3 1/2 years by going part time in the summer. After my sophomore year Kay and I got married. I was a student and married. Life was good until just a few days later and Tet took place which is considered the height of the war. I was really full of myself and some say still am. To be continued…………

    1. Bill, As you were graduating from U of L and Tet was happening, I was sitting on a hill outside of Tam Ky watching it happening. We were on 100% alert all night. The next morning at first light, we headed toward Tam Ky. Some very anxious days lay ahead for Charlie 2/1.

        1. Bill, I was in Nam from November 4, 1967 to November 3, 1968. Yes we were on Ross. We moved in when the Marines left in February of 68. We were there most of the time except going North to Phu Bai when the Marines were pinned down at Khe Sanh and Hue after Tet. We went to Kham Duc for 3 days after that and then in the Que Son valley and around Ross most of the time after that. I think we spent a short time on Baldy. I was US all the way!

          1. I arrived in country Nov 5, 1968 and within a few weeks arrived at Ross. I was RA and more on how that happen later.

  18. dang–I haven’t typed in in so long I feel as old as wally. anyway I have to say HI to all and make Branson reservation. Got so cold here–down to 40 at nite my fingers didn`t work well.
    Remember Jan 11 of 1970, but just remember the 2 2nd platoon KIAs—Arky and Jake. What day was it when Captain Bob got hit ?
    Larry–you south in Texas or still in Colorado ? Rex doing ok ?

  19. I haven’t seen the video yet, but I’ve been bragging about medevac pilots forever. I remember one time we were in a spot between a bunch of trees for them to pick up the wounded. I couldn’t see how they were going to get in. Next thing I know the dustoff comes swooping through a sort of channel between the trees that seemed too narrow for them to fit. They threaded that needle, picked up our guys and were out so fast it was unbelievable.

  20. Hey Bill Beckum….Thank you for the link. Just watched the video…very nice production. Thank God for the Medevac pilots. I think I would have been a goner if not for them.

  21. An excellent piece for anyone who was on Hawk Hill!

    Mr. Beckum,

    Thank you for your service. WLIW, the PBS station on Long Island, produced this documentary. I have sent a note to them inquiring about the availability about a DVD. I’ll let you know when I hear back. In the meantime, the program is available for on-demand viewing through the PBS app or through our website here https://video.witf.org/video/3004312198/ through 9/30/18.


    Fred Vigeant

    Director of Programming and Promotions for TV and Radio


    Public Media Center

    4801 Lindle Road

    Harrisburg, PA 17111

    OFFICE 717.910.2851 TOLL FREE 1.800.366.WITF


    instagram /WITFnews TWITTER @WITF • @WITFnews

    From: Pat BECKUM [mailto:wbeckum411@comcast.net]
    Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2018 9:30 PM
    To: WITF Customer Service
    Subject: American Medevac

    On January 16th from 8-9 pm I watched a documentary called “American Medevac” on WITF featuring Moraly Safer of CBS. It was a piece done in 1971 on which he reunited two medevac pilots and three wounded soldiers in 1971. It took place on fire base Hawk Hill in Vietnam. That was my last fire base before coming home Nov 21, 1969. I would like to get a copy of that piece if possible.


    William Beckum

    411 Boyd Dr

    Red Lion, Pa 17356


    1. Bill, That piece was done by Morton Dean. That video was shown at the 196th reunion in Louisville back in July. Morton was there and told us about the making of the video and later that night was one of the guest speakers at the banquet. It was a very moving video for all who saw it. I asked Morton if it would be available and he said yes but after September when it first appeared on PBS. Not sure how to get my hands on a copy though.

  22. Larry,

    Under the members section, I can’t get into the KIA’s. All the others come up fine. I saw on the Americal website that C2/1 had 4 KIA’s in Jan 11. Just wanted to check these guys out but couldn’t get into that page.

    1. I can tell you than 1/11/1970, Roy Lewis (Arky) and Grover Bowers (Jake) were KIA. I didn’t think there were any others on that day in 1970.

  23. I made my reservations today for the reunion in Branson. There are a lot of shows there, so there should be plenty to do for us that arrive early.