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  1. I got back from the reunion this morning. It was another great time. Cliff and Kathy did a fantastic job of hosting the reunion.

  2. Just got home from Branson a couple of hours ago. It was an outstanding reunion with 32 Brothers and their spouses in attendance. We even entertained some Jar heads down the hall and one brother from A/2/1. The show we attended was great! Almost 2 hours of 50s, 60s and some 70s hits. Anyone out their have any thougnts as to where we could go next year? Let Larry Harper know if you do!


  3. Does anyone remember Don Smallwood 2nd platoon tanks and tracks 23 I’m Dons little brother will was back then in a letter he wrote home he showed my picture to his platoon I feel apart of you guys even though I was only 4 years old he passed away 8 years ago I’m just reaching out may all be blessed from above you are all my Herod and family phone 310 561 0401

  4. that 500lb bomb—chuck missar covered me in Feb of 70 area when I detonated a 500 lb bomb we happened to find. dang shame we had no way to find 1s that did not detonate. or we had left some booby trapped. bottom line-both sides did what we could to try and win. and yes–wars suck.

  5. Just met Fast Eddie Davis! I was in Charlie and Delta, 4/31st, ’67-’68. Survived TET 68. I am currently the Chaplain of the 196th Bde Association.
    Just want to say, “Welcome Home!” Thanks for your service.

  6. They were doing what we were paid and doing for whatever reason we did. Kill the enemy. Forgiveness is not forgetting. Revenge or hate is like taking poison and hoping the other person dies. One grunts opinion 50 years later this year.

  7. Gentlemen you thoughts on a article I read in this month’s Vietnam Magazine:

    Guy from the 198th went back to Nam to look for the remains of a brother who was killed alone with three (3) other brothers. He was with a U.S. official recovering team.
    The gooks had remotely set-off a 500lb bomb which knock down the Huey and killed his brothers. The pilots survived.
    During the search the local Vietnamese Colonel showed up with the two guys who had setup & detonated the bomb.
    He (198th GI) gave one of them a 198th hat & posed for pictures like it was a high school reunion.
    Personally I would have shoved the hat down the guy’s throat with a piece of bamboo until he turned blue. Then drag him into the bushes so the maggots & rats could eat.
    I am not the forgiving type when dealing with someone who killed my friends!

    Your thoughts guys????????? Don’t be shy!

    1. Sounds like a Hanoi Jane moment to me. She posed with AA Guns used to shoot down our planes. Unbelievable!

  8. I forgot to thank LT Ruesch for his continuous generous financial support of web site expenses. I received his check back in May. Thank you LT. This getting old and forgetful is not fun.

  9. Lt. Shepherd

    Hope you get better, sometimes it takes awhile to get healed. So far prostate cancer (removed), thyroid cancer (removed), & in May a pacemaker. Currently feeling great.

    I remember Warlock finding mortar round booby trap with pressure release device and you disarm it. Big Balls Dude!

    It was US issue & they traced to the the ARVN base at Baldy. I got to watch the firing squad from the 48th base area at Baldy waste 3 of their own. Too bad!

    Any chance you going to Branson?


  10. Lt. shepherd served from aug69 to nov 69 was wounded right after thanksgiving from bobby trip I think maybe six others medvac with me. Still able to get around 2 heart attacks and . spent 10 in icu in dangna and month in Japan still think of you guys on daily basis. Hope all is good with all. God bless you all.

  11. Thank you to Brother Ted aka Bullwinkle for the financial support for web site expenses! It is very much appreciated.

    It’s just 41 days until the reunion! Hopefully everyone has their reservations made.

  12. Tooch:
    Sorry to hear your not coming. I though we could go on a ” Duck Boat Ride”!
    It would be boat ride & scuba trip!
    Prices are probably at a discount!
    Let me know when your coming down to see your mom.


  13. Hi guys, due to some upcoming family issues, I will not be able to attend this years reunion. Have a great time ,and I hope to see you at the next one . Tooch

  14. Bullwinkle
    Some pretty good writing you have going there. i was looking at a few pictures the other day and there was one of me eating some LRRPs that you obviously gave my. Thanks Buddy.

  15. hi Wally–S.R. here–talked with Pudge A couple days ago. he will not be at reunion because he will be up north fishing–and getting 2x older,faster, for not being at the reunion. I plan to be there. Mac says he plans to be there also. Not sure on Bill old,oops, I mean Young. Later all–be well.

  16. Reunion time is getting close. Looking forward to see everyone again. For those of you that are on the fence about attending you will miss out on a good time if you don’t . We aren’t getting any younger come while you still can.

  17. Rick:
    No problem. I started writing poetry (not that it is any good) some years ago when I started having health issues with Agent Orange related dieases.

    Hope to publish a novel soon, my time with C 2/1 is a large part of it. Best unit in I Corp. For better or worse I have great memory which helps. Dates are the issue but can verified by casualty list.


  18. My brothers I have my reservation for Branson!!! I’m coming with my significant other -the owner of my paychecks. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone. My wife too. I heard great things about this place.

  19. I got another reunion snail mail back today marked “not known, unable to forward” that I sent to James Cusick. Does anyone have any updated information on James?

  20. Your poem brings back memories, some I wish I could forget. I am scheduled to go to D.C. on an Honor Flight in September. I know this will trigger an avalanche of memories. I am hoping I can embrace them. Has anyone reading this ever participated in this program?

  21. Darkness

    The elephant grass sways in the hot breath of war as I lay still.
    I cannot call for help and allow the Yellow Devil to finish its work.
    The pain and anguish have left my body but I cannot stand-up.
    My life force spills into the ground enriching the soil of my enemies
    Someone is coming, it is my mother. She leans over me and tells me what a beautiful baby I am.
    Then it is my father trying to stem my tears saying football players don’t cry.
    My brothers and sisters stand over me in the meadow of my uncle’s farm laughing about how funny I look laying in mud of the brook.
    First love touches my head staring at me with tears in her beautiful blue eyes as I lay in sands of the Jersey shore. The sands are have become a crimson color.
    Drill sergeant screams at 0500 hours “boots and saddles”. No horses at Fort Dix
    Wife and newborn daughter dress in black crying for someone. Don’t cry daddy will be ok.
    I must get up.
    Someone is coming I am not dreaming. It is my brothers in arms to save me. I feel them touch me but it is a distant touch.
    They speak.
    Tag Him & Bag Him!
    Darkness, I am dead.

    1. Very insightful. Thanks for that. I want to apologize for my earlier comments. I did not realize that you were a Charlie Brother. I did not know that you are a Vietnam Vet, and I am truly sorry. I should not react so in the future.

  22. Larry
    Maybe the summer holiday season has people busy elsewhere?
    I will post another poem to see if gathers any interest!
    Hurricane season allowing I see you in Branson.
    Seen me a address I send something to support the site.


  23. This radio silence is making me think that this web site is not needed any more. There are only a handful of guys that helps with the support and no one seems interested in using the discussion page anymore.

  24. Bullwinkle were you by any chance the dog handler that was on chopper that landed hard broke strut tilting rotor on side you jumped out of and were warned off by me and your dog

  25. I got some more information on Ronald: Ron received a DSC – Distinguish Service Cross, just below Medal of Honor.

    If you have ever read THROUGH THE VALLEY by Humphries he writes about Malachi’s actions with C 2/1when they were ambushed on 5 & 6 January 1968,

    Ronald’s wife is Joyce.

  26. I got a email informing me of Ronald E Malachi’s death. I have asked for the date and where, but I have not received a reply yet. I have no other information on Ronald.

    1. Larry, Ron Malachi passed away on June 20th in Oklahoma City. Ron was awarded the DSM for his heroic effort of January 5th and 6th 1968.

  27. I heard from someone a couple of days ago that had made reservations for the reunion. They said they were the 25th on to make reservations. This should be another good one.!

  28. Larry:
    The should run a pipe line from Houston. An old friend of mine has been flooded out of his home again. Here in Florida our raining season started early so we by-passed most of the fire season.
    Karen & I are taking a road trip late July-August to the North East to see friends & family. Jersey shore is pretty nice July-August. Catch a couple games at Yankee Stadium, hang in the Big Apple.

  29. Spending my summer in the mountains of south west Colorado. We stay at the headwaters of the Rio Grande River. This part of Colorado did not get any snow this year. The ski resorts never opened this year. We have only had about 1/2 inch of rain this year. They fear the Rio Grande River will run out of water this year for the first time ever. The forrest fires are on the west side of the continental divide, we are on the east side of the continental divide. Other than that it is still beautiful up here. Anyone else traveling anywhere?

    1. Ya Larry,sold my place in Campbell calf left all the friggin leftist and moved to the top of a very tall hill…..8500ft with NO ONE anywhere around.Great views of the Snow capped Sierra Madras to the North..West and South as well as other mountain ranges to east.Live off Hiway 395 about 6 miles south of Gardnerville Nv .Own 6 acres with Blm Land surrounding my place really diggin it.Probubly head south this winter. Roger

  30. For those who don’t know me:
    Sgt Ted Van Aulen (Nickname Bullwinkle)
    48th Scout Dog, 196th, LZ Baldy & Hawk Hill 3/69-4/70
    Dog: Warlock 35M8
    Most of my missions were with C/2/1 but also with other companies in the 196th also along with US & ROK Marines.
    All I did was walk point with the best dog ever to walk through jungles of Nam.
    Ask Harper, Silva, Allen ,Capt Morris, Francis Whitebird etc they know me.
    I never rape anyone but killed anyone who I perceived as threat to myself or the men I was walking point for.
    Bill thanks for your kind thoughts, I talk to God every day but I would not change what I did. I am haunted by the screams & agony of my brothers who’s lifes were cut short my the hot breathe of war.
    When I visit the “Wall” I feel. guilt for surviving & anger for not wasting more of the bad guys.

  31. Bullwinkle….Air strikes killed a lot of innocent people, burning down hootchs was SOP, but if you personally raped or murdered civilians, you should sincerely repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness.

  32. Guys! I made my reservations for Branson yesterday and got told that 25 reservations had been made to that point. Gitter done!


  33. Gentlemen:
    This a “Metaphoric Poem”. Not everything is literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance.
    That being said are you telling me that:
    We never killed civilians including women & children?
    Woman were not rape?
    We never burn down villages?
    Our brothers were not blow into pieces?
    People were protesting in World while we died?
    Since War Crimes have no statue of limitations I will not mention the names of my brothers who along with myself committed or witness these events.
    The Hearts & Heads on poles was at “Rock” base camp.
    I don’t fault any of what happen, perhaps had we killed more of them there would be less names on the “Wall”.
    If you don’t remember any of these things you have selective memory or were too far in the rear to know what was happening on point where I lived for a year!

  34. The guy that wrote the poem is a combat vet, not a troll. I can only guess that he is suffering from a bad case of PTSD. God bless you, brother. I hope you can find some peace.

    1. Bill,
      Please let us know how you know that he is a combat vet. Nothing that I have seen tells us that.

  35. Summer of 69

    The slaughter continues as America’s Army of freckle face soldiers takes their place in history.
    From the senior prom and classrooms to the Abyss called Vietnam
    These teen warriors of the middle class march through Valley of Death but do not fear evil.
    They have become evil!
    Death is to be embraced as a release from this Green Hell
    We drink the blood of our enemies, rape their woman, murder their children and burn their homes.
    There is no victory just revenge, pay-back, even the score, get some
    At home students protest, politician give speeches, we die
    Our generals tells us we are to win the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese
    They are placed on poles around our camps
    A Jewish boy from Brooklyn steps on instrument of death
    Now he is two boys
    Still alive he tries to speak but there are no words
    The Children of War look away not from fear but guilt.
    Better him than me
    Searching a village we find the tools of death
    They must all die.
    Some argue all may not be guilty
    God will decide
    Men are easy to kill. Their eyes are full of hate.
    A mother in Brooklyn will sit Shiva as we avenge her son
    The young women must endure more than death; we have become the Mongols of the 20th century
    There is no hate in eyes of a 5 year old just fear
    Some say leave them, others say they will grow into killers of our children
    How will they care for themselves?
    Mercy must be shown
    They all must die
    They are herded like cattle into the bunkers met to protect them from death from the sky.
    We drop grenades into their tombs until the screaming stops.
    The rice patties have turn red and our souls black
    We are Americas hero’s of the summer of 69.

  36. Does anyone know how to get hold of Bob Gleason? Phone # not good anymore and not responding to e-mails. Thanks for any help.