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  1. Larry:
    The should run a pipe line from Houston. An old friend of mine has been flooded out of his home again. Here in Florida our raining season started early so we by-passed most of the fire season.
    Karen & I are taking a road trip late July-August to the North East to see friends & family. Jersey shore is pretty nice July-August. Catch a couple games at Yankee Stadium, hang in the Big Apple.

  2. Spending my summer in the mountains of south west Colorado. We stay at the headwaters of the Rio Grande River. This part of Colorado did not get any snow this year. The ski resorts never opened this year. We have only had about 1/2 inch of rain this year. They fear the Rio Grande River will run out of water this year for the first time ever. The forrest fires are on the west side of the continental divide, we are on the east side of the continental divide. Other than that it is still beautiful up here. Anyone else traveling anywhere?

  3. For those who don’t know me:
    Sgt Ted Van Aulen (Nickname Bullwinkle)
    48th Scout Dog, 196th, LZ Baldy & Hawk Hill 3/69-4/70
    Dog: Warlock 35M8
    Most of my missions were with C/2/1 but also with other companies in the 196th also along with US & ROK Marines.
    All I did was walk point with the best dog ever to walk through jungles of Nam.
    Ask Harper, Silva, Allen ,Capt Morris, Francis Whitebird etc they know me.
    I never rape anyone but killed anyone who I perceived as threat to myself or the men I was walking point for.
    Bill thanks for your kind thoughts, I talk to God every day but I would not change what I did. I am haunted by the screams & agony of my brothers who’s lifes were cut short my the hot breathe of war.
    When I visit the “Wall” I feel. guilt for surviving & anger for not wasting more of the bad guys.

  4. Bullwinkle….Air strikes killed a lot of innocent people, burning down hootchs was SOP, but if you personally raped or murdered civilians, you should sincerely repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness.

  5. Guys! I made my reservations for Branson yesterday and got told that 25 reservations had been made to that point. Gitter done!


  6. Gentlemen:
    This a “Metaphoric Poem”. Not everything is literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance.
    That being said are you telling me that:
    We never killed civilians including women & children?
    Woman were not rape?
    We never burn down villages?
    Our brothers were not blow into pieces?
    People were protesting in World while we died?
    Since War Crimes have no statue of limitations I will not mention the names of my brothers who along with myself committed or witness these events.
    The Hearts & Heads on poles was at “Rock” base camp.
    I don’t fault any of what happen, perhaps had we killed more of them there would be less names on the “Wall”.
    If you don’t remember any of these things you have selective memory or were too far in the rear to know what was happening on point where I lived for a year!

  7. The guy that wrote the poem is a combat vet, not a troll. I can only guess that he is suffering from a bad case of PTSD. God bless you, brother. I hope you can find some peace.

    1. Bill,
      Please let us know how you know that he is a combat vet. Nothing that I have seen tells us that.

  8. Summer of 69

    The slaughter continues as America’s Army of freckle face soldiers takes their place in history.
    From the senior prom and classrooms to the Abyss called Vietnam
    These teen warriors of the middle class march through Valley of Death but do not fear evil.
    They have become evil!
    Death is to be embraced as a release from this Green Hell
    We drink the blood of our enemies, rape their woman, murder their children and burn their homes.
    There is no victory just revenge, pay-back, even the score, get some
    At home students protest, politician give speeches, we die
    Our generals tells us we are to win the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese
    They are placed on poles around our camps
    A Jewish boy from Brooklyn steps on instrument of death
    Now he is two boys
    Still alive he tries to speak but there are no words
    The Children of War look away not from fear but guilt.
    Better him than me
    Searching a village we find the tools of death
    They must all die.
    Some argue all may not be guilty
    God will decide
    Men are easy to kill. Their eyes are full of hate.
    A mother in Brooklyn will sit Shiva as we avenge her son
    The young women must endure more than death; we have become the Mongols of the 20th century
    There is no hate in eyes of a 5 year old just fear
    Some say leave them, others say they will grow into killers of our children
    How will they care for themselves?
    Mercy must be shown
    They all must die
    They are herded like cattle into the bunkers met to protect them from death from the sky.
    We drop grenades into their tombs until the screaming stops.
    The rice patties have turn red and our souls black
    We are Americas hero’s of the summer of 69.

  9. Does anyone know how to get hold of Bob Gleason? Phone # not good anymore and not responding to e-mails. Thanks for any help.