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  1. Ron Casey and Mike Lynd are working on next year’s reunion. The reunion will be in San Antonio. They think the reunion will be October 11 thru 13. Mike Lynd is the guy that I handed out the information out on him putting a Vietnam museum in his office building. His office will not be completed by our normal weekend for the reunion. Mike is working on getting us a hotel to hold the reunion. He is planning on having a grand opening for the museum as well as for his building for our reunion. He is planning on having the living wall there for his grand opening. Ron and Mike say this should be good shindig.

    How does this sound for all you guys?

  2. Gentlemen:

    Those who knew Warlock & myself in the Nam you might be interested to know he is going to be memorialized in a new Veterans Park in Sun City, Florida. There will be a “Bronze Statue” of him in the park with his name. Inside the community center there will be “Bio of Warlock & Picture of Warlock & myself”.

    Karen & I also bought a engraved brick for Larry Detwiler ” Duck”. Dedication is schedule for 1/10/2019.

    Thanks has go to Mark Tucciarone & his mother who where instrumental in referring me to the Veterans Committee which I am now a member.

  3. Larry

    A elected official lying I find that had to believe!
    Jersey City, NJ had six (6) mayors go jail! One they found out was even a American Citizen.

  4. While Wally was here pheasant hunting one day we got snow and a who bunch of cold. We sat and watch the whole series of Vietnam by Keith Burns. Like Wally said, is it ever a eye opener! Had we known that ever president that touched the Vietnam war lied to the American public and used it to get elected or re-elected is such a shame. This series was nothing like what we were expecting to see. It is a need to see series.

    1. Thanks, Larry,
      When I watched it, I was aware of some of what had happened, but not all of it. It is eye opening to see how we were used as a stepping stone for politicians to gain more power. It was sickening. We don’t need to wonder why our Congress has such low approval ratings among the public.

  5. Hi guys. I am in a therapy group at the VA in which we read and discuss different books. We are now reading ” Dereliction of Duty” by H.R. McMaster. It deals with the lies by McNamara, Johnson, and the rest of them ! It is an eye opener , and a warning; it will piss you off ! Tooch

  6. I got home yesterday after spending a week at Larrys hunting and beer drinking had a great time. We also watched the Ken Burns series on Vietnam it was eye opener for the things we learned if given a chance watch it. On the way to Larrys I stopped and visited Tom Virden, it was the first time I have seen him in 48 years. It was so good to seem him and his wife.

    1. Hey Wally, I was also glued to Ken Burns series after the first 5 minutes. Lots of footage and I could not believe how much I never knew about why we did what we did. Definitely an eye opener, and after almost 50 years. Glad you hooked up with Pudge again……say hello for me next time you talk.

      1. Russ Pudge asked about you. I told him I saw you at the Wabasha reunion. Hopefully I talked him and Donna into coming to a reunion. You should try to make another one.

  7. Johnnie Pearson sent me the following email:

    Greetings to you Larry, please let others know this sad news.

    Received a card from John’s wife with a request to call her – John Anderson passed away on August 14, 2018. Death due to lung cancer. I am sure she would like to hear from any of the men from Charlie Company

    Home address is:
    Mrs. Sharen Anderson
    2 Zane Drive
    Sandia Park, NM

  8. sad to report that we have lost one of our fellow Grunts. Don Kovarcik passed away on Friday Nov. 2, 2018. Don hosted the reunion in Hilton Head south Carolina in 2008. His funeral will be at St. Gregory the Great in Bluffton, SC. on Wednesday Nov. 7th, Viewing will begin at 9:30 am followed by his funeral service starting at 10:30 am. There will be a luncheon after the service at St. Andrew’s hall. The burial will be at 2 pm at Beaufort VA National Cemetery in Beaufort, SC. Please keep Don and his family ( Rosemarie ) in your prayers. RIP. Don you will be missed. I salute you

    1. Don was great guy even though every time I played poker with him he always seem to have a winning hand. God Speed!

    2. Sorry to hear this Jim. I sent him one of the sculptures that I handed out at the reunion on November 1. I hope he got to see it.

  9. I just got back from Nashville where my wife Judy and I met up with Gary and Tressa Evans and Ed and Marie Davis. We had a great time in the almost week we were there.

    I have heard from two guys expressing interest in next year’s reunion. I will get details soon.

  10. I don’t know about you guys but I can’t wait for election day. The TV is nothing bull advertising for both parties. I mailed in my ballot weeks ago so I don’t care.
    One of our governor candidates has FBI inquiry going on & none of the candidates has a clue about how to deal with Red Tide!

  11. Francis:
    I did & the government sent me some questions:

    Q: While in High School, College & the Military did you ever engage in binge drinking?
    A: I can’t remember I was passed out

    Q:Did you ever smoke Marijuana?
    A: Yes but I didn’t inhale! (That work for Bill Clinton)

    Q: While drinking did you ever touch or caress anyone in their private areas?
    A:Yes, only women, who were willing & were a eight (8) or better!

    Q: While serving in Vietnam did you or the men you were serving with ever use excessive force against the Vietnamese?
    A: Like Napalm or B52 Airstrikes?

    Q: What is your legal opinion about use of the Death Penalty for Capitol crimes such as murder?
    A: All you need is a Good Rope & a Tall Oak Tree

    So think I get confirmed?

    1. I voted “yes” on your confirmation as as most of this happen 50 years ago when you did not realize what you were doing as a young man. Plus other people have done worse.

  12. Thought I like to lookup some old girlfriends. I going to run for Supreme Court Justice.
    Let the press do it for me!

  13. Since no one has gotten to me on the reunion next year, I will volunteer Rapid City again if you guys are up to it. I will propose a four day reunion since it will be our 50th year class reunion.
    Think it over and let me know by the end of the month.


    1. Doc

      Shoot a email to Larry, I think he has something working.

      Rapid City find with me. Love the Black Hills & Deadwood.