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  1. Francis:
    I did & the government sent me some questions:

    Q: While in High School, College & the Military did you ever engage in binge drinking?
    A: I can’t remember I was passed out

    Q:Did you ever smoke Marijuana?
    A: Yes but I didn’t inhale! (That work for Bill Clinton)

    Q: While drinking did you ever touch or caress anyone in their private areas?
    A:Yes, only women, who were willing & were a eight (8) or better!

    Q: While serving in Vietnam did you or the men you were serving with ever use excessive force against the Vietnamese?
    A: Like Napalm or B52 Airstrikes?

    Q: What is your legal opinion about use of the Death Penalty for Capitol crimes such as murder?
    A: All you need is a Good Rope & a Tall Oak Tree

    So think I get confirmed?

  2. Thought I like to lookup some old girlfriends. I going to run for Supreme Court Justice.
    Let the press do it for me!

  3. Since no one has gotten to me on the reunion next year, I will volunteer Rapid City again if you guys are up to it. I will propose a four day reunion since it will be our 50th year class reunion.
    Think it over and let me know by the end of the month.


    1. Doc

      Shoot a email to Larry, I think he has something working.

      Rapid City find with me. Love the Black Hills & Deadwood.