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  1. Guys
    Wish I could be there but slowly recovering from surgery. Will need some treatment after I heal



  2. I was sorry to hear that Larry Jones is unable to attend this year’s reunion do to his work log at his company. Larry sent me a very generous donation for expenses of Charlie Company. Thank you Brother Larry

  3. I would be Honor if Larry to Bill read my Short Poem at the Dedication!

    What is a Grunt?

    Urban Dictionary states: A lower ranking or unskilled soldier
    Our Skills have kept the wolfs from our borders for hundreds of years
    Our Skills have enriched Jungles of Vietnam, the beaches of Normandy, the Islands of the Pacific and the deserts of the Middle East with our Blood
    Our Skills have filled the Rolling Hills of Arlington with the honor dead
    We are 10’ tall & bullet proof
    We lived the Spartan life
    Without the Artilleryman’s or Pilot’s vision we must look the beast in the eyes
    We live with the pride of service but the guilt of survival
    We killed & we died, that was our job
    We are Proud, Arrogant & Righteous
    We Stand for our Anthem and Kneel in church
    Do not anger us, we are America’s best and her enemy’s worst nightmare
    We are Grunts and Proud of It!

        1. Guys
          Wish I could be there but slowly recovering from surgery. Will need some treatment after I heal



  4. Hey LT and Larry,
    Thanks for the note about Jim Tooth. I sent him an email and he called me back within a day. It was a great hour long phone call just catching up with one another. Jim is on a mission to find all the guys that we went thru BT and AIT. I could only help him with a few but it was fun to talk. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Texas.

  5. Carl,
    As soon as I got the Americal magazine I called Tom and let him know that Jim Toth was wanting to get in touch with him. Tom said he and Jim went to BCT and AIT together and I believe came home from Nam together>

  6. I got an email from Mike Lynd, one of our army reunion host. “Larry just got call from Vicky, Dwight Sutcliff’s wife that they were planning to come to reunion, but Ike passed away suddenly. One day said didn’t feel well went to bed and next morning went to doc who diagnosed pancreatic cancer. He was gone in two weeks. Ike was from my home state as was in the command group when I was in field.”

  7. Does anyone know Tom Scanlon’s email address? Yesterday, I received my Americal Journal and a guy named Jim Toth is looking for him. I sent Tom an email but it can back saying that it couldn’t be delievered. Tom, if you see this, send me an email and I will give you his email address. My email address is carlfryman”at” fuse.net.

  8. Larry,

    My wife was wondering where she is to find that we are confirmed as registrants of the “C” Company Reunion. The only confirmation we received was from the Drury Hotel and nothing in that confirmation mentions the reunion? Thanks,

    1. If you are confirmed by the hotel, you are in. There will be someone there to hand out packets about the reunion. There are no planned tours because of all the activities at Mr. Lynd’s office building. He is going to have the moving wall there, grand opening of the Viet Nam museum, and other activities. There will be buses there to take the group where ever they want to go.

    1. LT
      We are the West coast of Florida.
      So much of nothing. The weather man is having a field day. Unless you live in the Bahamas where you might need a bucket, mop and a few body bags.

  9. Did anyone watch the ESPN show on the Rocky Bleier return to Vietnam? I forgot to set the DVR and was wondering how it was.

  10. Here is the Agenda for the reunion:

    Schedule of Hosted Events –
    Thursday, October 10, 2019
    Guests check into hotel- Drury Inn & Suites
    15806 IH-10 West
    San Antonio, Texas 78249
    Don’t forget to stop by the Lynd Table near check in to pick up a special gift from your host
    Michael J. Lynd, Sr.

    Testimonials- Hotel Hospitality Suite- 11:00am-1:00pm
    Stryde Studios will be recording testimonials from any of the guests and spouses that would be willing to share experiences during their tour in Vietnam. They will also be at the ceremonies on Friday if you are not able to give a testimonial on this day. These will be shown in the museum for future visitors to experience.

    Happy Hour- Hotel Hospitality Suite- 4:00pm-6:00- Cocktails and appetizers will be provided for guests Thursday thru Sunday.

    Friday, October 11, 2019
    Daisy Shuttle Service
     9:00am Shuttle will be at the hotel to take any guests to downtown San Antonio. A map of downtown San Antonio will be found in this booklet.

     3:00pm Shuttle will then pick up all guests from drop off point downtown at 3:00pm to transport to The Lynd Company’s new corporate office located at 4001 Pond Hill Rd, Shavano Park, TX 78231.

     3:30pm Appetizers and refreshments will be prepared and served by Casanova Barbecue Co.

     7:00pm Shuttle will take guests back to hotel after the ceremonies. Transportation will be available for guests that may need to return to hotel prior to end of the ceremonies.

    Ceremonies/Dedications Begin-
    3:45pm- Antonian High School Band to play patriotic songs & National Anthem
    4:00pm- Presentation of The AVTT Traveling Wall-
     4:00pm- Deacon Hilbert- Prayer
     4:05pm- Bob Holt- Veteran and Author of “Cowboy”
     4:15pm- John Baines-Veteran
     4:20pm- General Dozier- Veteran
     Susan Brannon- Retired Veteran-will play Amazing Grace on Bagpipes as group proceeds to Vietnam War Museum inside of Corporate Building
    4:30pm- Grand Opening Ceremony of the Vietnam War Museum-The Grunts Story
     4:40- Bill “Pat” Beckhum- Prayer
     4:45- Ralph Santillo- Founder, Southwest Florida Military Museum
     4:55- Ted Van Aulen- Veteran
     5:00- General Ulmer- Veteran
     5:05- Michael J. Lynd, Sr.- Ribbon Cutting of Museum
    5:10pm- Guests are invited to tour the museum and Corporate Building
    5:20pm- Corporate Building Dedication- will be held on the 3rd floor patio area
     Deacon Hilbert- Prayer
     Brent Givens- Bank of San Antonio
     Scott Brymer- EVP, Lynd Development
     Adam David Lynd- CEO
    5:30pm- 6:00pm- Cocktails on the patio- guests are free to stay later or head back to the hotel- Shuttle will pick up all guests that are ready to leave at 7:00pm.

    Saturday, October 12, 2019- Private Dinner C-2-1 unit of the 196th Light Infantry Brigade (Americal Division) 50th Anniversary
     5:00pm-6:00pm- Happy Hour Drinks will be served on the patio area of the Lynd Company’s new corporate office.
     6:00pm- Dinner Buffet style dinner will be served in the patio area

    Menu for dinner: By special request- “Good Ol’ Texas BBQ”
    Sliced Brisket, Sausage Links, Barbecue Chicken and Pork Ribs
    Potato Salad, Coleslaw and Borracho Beans
    Served with sliced wheat and white bread, pickles, onions, jalapenos and BBQ sauce
    Dessert- Peach Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream

  11. Hi guys . I am very sorry to here that AL Taylor is not well. He was in my squad , and replaced Tiny as my machine gunner. By the way; I gave him the nickname of Rocky. As far as hiep duc is concerned; we got there on Aug. 15th 1969; the same day as Woodstock started. Hoot Gibson was wounded on the first night. He took 3 rounds from Spooky. Tooch